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Where Are the Others? Horner Teases Rivals



Horner Teases Rivals F1

In an exhilarating start to the F1 season, Red Bull dominates the competition with five consecutive wins, leaving rivals Mercedes and Ferrari in their dust. Recently at the Miami Grand Prix, Max Verstappen’s impressive drive secured another 1-2 victory for the team.

Christian Horner playfully took a jab at F1 competitors Mercedes and Ferrari following Red Bull’s continued success at the beginning of the season, most recently at the Miami Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen skillfully navigated from ninth position on the starting grid, eventually overtaking teammate Sergio Perez to secure another Red Bull 1-2 victory at the Miami International Autodrome.

Red Bull has claimed victory in all five races this season, achieving four one-two finishes.

The RB19’s exceptional performance in Miami was evident, as Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso crossed the finish line over 25 seconds after Verstappen, securing third place on the podium.

“Five races, five wins, plus the sprint, and four one-two finishes. We’ve never experienced such a fantastic start,” an ecstatic Horner shared with Sky.

He playfully questioned, “Where are the others?”


“We took a normal step forward during the offseason. What happened to Ferrari and Mercedes?

“They’re focusing on major upgrades for the European races. Due to the penalty, we’ll have to update our car later in the year.

“It’s crucial for us to maintain as much distance as possible between us and our competitors.”

Even with their present supremacy, Horner emphasized that Red Bull would soon experience the consequences of their F1 cost cap penalty.

“From the next race, you’ll see significant upgrades arriving,” Horner mentioned.

“We need to be extremely cautious in choosing what we test and develop.

“Since the car had an excellent start, we’re not dealing with major issues or problems. Instead, we can concentrate on making incremental improvements.”


Horner Teases Rivals F1 Miam gp 2023 Horner Teases Rivals F1 Miam gp 2023 Horner Teases Rivals F1 Miam gp 2023 Horner Teases Rivals F1 Miam gp 2023

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