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Hamilton Awaits Crucial Upgrades



Hamilton Miami GP F1 2023

Amidst an unexpected struggle at the Miami Grand Prix, seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton is left yearning for much-needed Mercedes upgrades. Disappointed with their performance in practice sessions, Hamilton and teammate George Russell hope to regain their competitive edge as they anticipate improvements in the coming weeks. The racing icon remains optimistic, seeking a better position and a chance to excel in the exhilarating world of Formula 1.

Lewis Hamilton is now eagerly awaiting upgrades for his Mercedes after experiencing a “kick in the gut” during practice for the Miami Grand Prix.

In FP1 at the Miami International Autodrome, George Russell, Hamilton’s teammate, led a Mercedes one-two as both drivers set impressive laps at the end of the 60-minute session.

However, the true speed of the W14 became apparent in the second session, with Hamilton ranking seventh, almost a second behind Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, and Russell dropping to 15th, trailing by 1.286s.

Hamilton expressed his frustration, saying, “We’re not particularly fast, and it’s a struggle out there.”

“We’re trying a variety of approaches. P1 seemed promising, but P2 revealed our actual pace. It’s a gut punch.”

Despite the challenges, Hamilton remains optimistic, contrasting his experience in Australia, where he qualified third and finished second in the race, to his current situation as “a night-and-day difference.”


Lewis observed that driving the W14 was “much more enjoyable” in Australia and even outperformed its performance in Miami when compared to Baku.

Hamilton suggested that the current balance or the heat might be factors, saying, “I’m going to stay hopeful that we can improve the car’s performance tomorrow and maybe move up a few spots.”

Referring to the newly-resurfaced asphalt, Hamilton noted there was “a lot of sliding,” with the tires also overheating. This has left him eager for the car upgrades expected to arrive at the Imola race in two weeks.

“We’re doing our best to maintain a balance that keeps the tires in the right temperature range, but they’re generally overheating.”

Hamilton expressed his determination to stay positive and work hard, saying, “We desperately need those upgrades, that’s for sure.”

“We just have to stay focused for one more race and hopefully start a new chapter at the next race.”

Hamilton expressed hope for improvement, saying, “I just hope I can get the car in a better position tomorrow and make it to Q3. If we can land in the middle of the top 10, that would be fantastic.”


Hamilton Miami GP F1 2023 Hamilton Miami GP F1 2023 Hamilton Miami GP F1 2023 Hamilton Miami GP F1 2023

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