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Hamilton praises team’s positive mindset and work ethic



Hamilton Mercedes Imola package f1 2023

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are eagerly awaiting the introduction of their upgrade package at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, as they look to close the gap to their rivals. Despite setbacks in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Hamilton remains optimistic and focused on continuous improvement.

Lewis Hamilton expresses his anticipation, along with Mercedes, as they eagerly await the arrival of the team’s upgrade package at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, counting down the days until its implementation.

The remarks from the British racer follow his sixth-place finish in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on Sunday, where he managed to outperform Lance Stroll’s Aston Martin.

During the Baku race, Hamilton’s luck took a turn for the worse as a Safety Car was deployed shortly after his pit stop, causing him to fall to 10th place. Despite this setback, the seven-time champion fought hard and managed to climb back up to sixth position, even putting pressure on Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari in the latter stages of the race.

When questioned by Sky F1 about whether he believed that Mercedes had fully utilized their current package during the race weekend, Hamilton responded positively, stating that he believed the team had done an excellent job. He acknowledged the significant amount of preparation that went into the event, including several days spent at the factory and extensive simulation testing. Additionally, he expressed gratitude towards the entire team for their efforts.

Hamilton further praised the team’s positive mentality, noting that everyone is driven by a strong desire to succeed and advance towards their goals. Despite the setbacks encountered during the race weekend, Hamilton does not view them as failures or mistakes, but rather as part of the process of reaching their full potential. In his view, the team is continuously working towards improvement and learning from each experience.

Hamilton emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive attitude within the team, highlighting that everyone is committed to performing their duties to the best of their abilities. He acknowledged that the upgrades are critical in improving their performance, and he hopes they will enable them to compete more closely with their rivals. Until then, Hamilton believes that staying focused and continuing to work diligently is the best course of action for the team.


Prior to the Australian Grand Prix, team boss Toto Wolff had indicated that significant upgrades to the W14 would not be made until the race in Imola in a few weeks’ time. Hamilton is eagerly anticipating the introduction of the package, while remaining optimistic about Mercedes’ chances in the upcoming Miami race.

Hamilton clarified that the team had been aware from the outset that the upgrade package would not be available until several races into the season. Nonetheless, he remains optimistic and eagerly anticipates its arrival. While he is uncertain about the exact performance gains the upgrades will bring, he is hopeful that they will mark a significant step forward for the team. Hamilton also expressed his expectations for the upcoming Miami race, hoping that the team’s improved car will enable them to close the gap to their rivals and perform better than they did in the previous year’s event.

Hamilton acknowledged that Red Bull is currently a formidable opponent due to their exceptional pace. However, he remains hopeful that the upgraded Mercedes car will enable them to challenge the Aston Martin team more effectively. In his view, being able to compete closely with Aston Martin would be a significant achievement.

On the other hand, Hamilton’s teammate George Russell secured seventh place in the race and also set the fastest lap towards the end of the race.

Hamilton Mercedes Imola package f1 2023 Hamilton Mercedes Imola package f1 2023 Hamilton Mercedes Imola package f1 2023 Hamilton Mercedes Imola package f1 2023

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