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Verstappen’s Dilemma – The Balance Between F1 Success and a Fulfilling Life



Racing Beyond F1 Verstappen

Max Verstappen expressed understanding towards fans who might find it strange that he would consider leaving Formula 1 during his peak years. The 25-year-old racing driver acknowledged that “there is always a limit” when discussing his stance after reportedly threatening to quit following his victory at the Australian Grand Prix, which was in response to a question about incorporating more sprint races.

Although it may be an exaggeration to assume that Verstappen would seriously contemplate retiring in the near future, particularly since his comments were in relation to potential alterations to Formula 1’s core structure, he has consistently voiced concerns about the grueling schedule.

Racing Beyond F1 Verstappen

Verstappen stated that even without additional sprint races or other format changes, the continuously expanding calendar and lengthy weekends might eventually lead him to question if it’s worth it. He enjoys racing and winning, and while he acknowledges the comfortable lifestyle his salary provides, he wonders if it truly constitutes a good life. Verstappen suggested that at some point in his career, he might desire to explore other interests. He is aware that his contract extends until the end of 2028, at which point it will be reassessed. However, he feels that if the demands become too great, it could be time for a change.

Max Verstappen emphasized that it is essential to continually evaluate one’s motivation and passion for their work. Currently, he is fully motivated and loves what he does, but there may come a time when he wants to explore other interests.

Verstappen acknowledged that this perspective might seem strange to outsiders who see him in Formula 1 and winning races. He admits he might have felt the same way before being in their position. However, once you are in the industry, the reality may not always match people’s perceptions. While he enjoys the incredible experiences and independence, he believes there is always a limit.

Endurance racing is a discipline Verstappen has shown interest in, and he has participated in such events in simracing. However, he stated he would “absolutely not” compete in the Indianapolis 500. He also expressed interest in potentially establishing his own racing teams, indicating that there are many things he would like to pursue beyond just driving.

Verstappen noted that while some drivers may remain focused on F1 despite the expanding calendar, he takes a more balanced approach. He believes that individual preferences and life goals play a significant role in determining one’s choices, and some people might solely concentrate on racing because it’s all they know and want to do.

Racing Beyond F1 Verstappen

Verstappen considers himself somewhere in the middle, enjoying racing but also wanting to explore other forms of racing and ventures, which he believes cannot be combined.

He acknowledges that the demanding schedule affects not only the drivers but also the staff and team members who find it challenging to cope with.


Since their introduction in 2021, Verstappen has been critical of sprint races, viewing them as a departure from F1’s core identity. He remains skeptical that the newly-revised sprint weekend format will result in more aggressive racing on Saturdays, despite that being one of the justifications for the change.

Verstappen admits that there is slightly more risk now due to changes like the elimination of FP2, but he thinks that the sprint race itself will involve the same level of risk as drivers will still be cautious to avoid damaging their cars and hindering their development.

He would rather lose a single point than hinder the car’s progress. Verstappen believes his perspective comes from that of a “pure racer,” contrasting with F1’s more business-oriented approach that views sprint events as an opportunity to provide additional entertainment for fans.

Verstappen explained that he evaluates the situation from a racing perspective, while F1 likely considers it from a business standpoint. He acknowledges that sprint races can add excitement, but he prefers to look at it through the lens of racing.

Verstappen pointed out that sprint races typically have thrilling first laps with potential collisions, damage, and safety cars, which create excitement. However, as the race progresses, a clearer picture of each team’s performance emerges, often foreshadowing the outcome of the next day’s race.

He believes that this predictability may detract from the main event’s appeal, which should always be considered the special and unique highlight of the racing weekend.

Verstappen has been hinting at his potential departure from F1 for quite some time, even before his recent statements in Australia. His latest comments reflect his disapproval of F1’s continuous expansion.


Last year, Verstappen mentioned that his current Red Bull contract might be his last. He is signed up until the end of 2028, but by then, at the age of 31, he may be ready to retire from F1 and pursue racing elsewhere, something he has expressed genuine interest in.

There are both pull and push factors influencing his decision. The pull factor lies in his desire to explore other racing opportunities, while the push factor stems from his dissatisfaction with the increasingly extensive F1 calendar, suspecting that he will eventually grow weary of it.

Racing Beyond F1 Verstappen

A few weeks ago, Verstappen suggested that the idea of 24 or 25 races should be countered with shorter weekends rather than more intense ones; otherwise, it might not be worth it for him.

Whenever asked about sprint races, Verstappen’s concerns resurface, as the sprints represent the expansion he disapproves of. Although there are other specific aspects of the sprint races he dislikes, these events alone wouldn’t drive him out of F1. Instead, they contribute to the bigger picture.

Thus, it is an overstatement to interpret Verstappen’s comments on sprint races as a ‘quit threat.’ Instead, these remarks reveal that he is keeping his long-term options open rather than assuming he will stay in F1 until the typical career expiration date.

Racing Beyond F1 Verstappen Racing Beyond F1 Verstappen Racing Beyond F1 Verstappen Racing Beyond F1 Verstappen Racing Beyond F1 Verstappen

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