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Baku Boost: McLaren’s Pursuit of 2023 Goals



McLaren Pursuit of 2023 Goals F1 Baku Azerbaijan Grand Prix

As the Azerbaijan Grand Prix unfolds, McLaren unveils a much-anticipated upgrade to their Formula 1 car, aiming to overcome obstacles and reach their ambitious 2023 goals. The Baku update, initially discussed in the pre-season, marks a crucial turning point for the team, reigniting their pursuit of becoming a top-four contender.

At the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, McLaren’s Formula 1 car receives a long-awaited upgrade as the team strives to address its shortcomings and achieve its 2023 objectives.

The Baku update had been discussed since the pre-season as a crucial advancement for the vehicle, as it is essentially what McLaren required at the Bahrain Grand Prix, and more accurately reflects the development path they intended for 2023.

This was seen as the beginning of getting McLaren’s season back on track and the initial move toward becoming a top-four team (or car) by the end of the year.

However, the actual performance in the first few races revealed the gap, and with Aston Martin emerging from the midfield, it became evident that McLaren faced an uphill battle to surpass Alpine for fifth place, let alone achieving fourth.

The MCL60’s initial makeover is not expected to entirely revolutionize its competitive standing, and McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri have voiced careful expectations for the upcoming weekend, aligning with a narrative that has progressively tempered expectations since Bahrain.

Norris explained in Baku on Thursday that it was clear early in the season that what they currently have is what they originally wanted. He acknowledged that other teams also have upgrades, so their task is to introduce slightly larger improvements and attempt to catch up.


He added that what they have now is likely the baseline they should have started the year with, and it’s about understanding their current situation. With a better baseline, there is more room for opportunities and improvements. As a result, this update will help the team take a small step forward.

“I’m thrilled. The team has done an excellent job in developing and preparing these upgrades,” said Norris, expressing his excitement.

The significant floor overhaul, which includes changes to the surface geometry from the front to the rear, represents the first of three primary upgrade packages McLaren has planned for this season.

Piastri anticipates that the update will not significantly alter the car’s balance, but rather enhance its performance – meaning the handling characteristics will remain similar, but the car should have a higher potential.

Piastri stated, “I don’t think it should impact the car’s behavior too much. We’ve consulted with the engineers and aero experts at the factory about where we expect to gain time. However, we don’t foresee any drastic changes to the car’s balance.”

This upgrade is a product of the efforts made under the previous technical leadership, led by former technical director James Key. McLaren has since restructured its approach, as it felt that the previous system was not generating unique ideas or delivering upgrades quickly enough.

Nonetheless, during Key’s tenure, McLaren demonstrated a knack for catching up with competitors and adopting successful concepts from other vehicles, so there is reasonable confidence that this upgrade will bring about a significant improvement.


As floor development will likely continue in this direction, it is crucial to confirm that the upgrade works as intended, ensuring that future enhancements yield positive results.

“The fact that this is what we wanted to start the season with still holds true,” Piastri affirmed.

He acknowledged that other teams will also have upgrades, so they won’t be the only ones on the grid making progress. Consequently, many other teams will also see improvements in speed.

Piastri added, “For us, this is the first of many steps this year; it won’t be a magic solution that catapults us to the top of the grid. It should provide a moderate boost in performance. We’ll find out how that compares to the rest of the field tomorrow.”

McLaren’s Pursuit of 2023 Goals Crucial Advancement: Baku Update Unveiled McLaren’s Pursuit of 2023 Goals Crucial Advancement: Baku Update Unveiled McLaren’s Pursuit of 2023 Goals Crucial Advancement: Baku Update Unveiled McLaren’s Pursuit of 2023 Goals Crucial Advancement: Baku Update Unveiled McLaren’s Pursuit of 2023 Goals Crucial Advancement: Baku Update Unveiled

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