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AlphaTauri’s announcement of signing Mekies “somewhat aggressive,” says Vasseur



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The world of Formula 1 is abuzz with news of Laurent Mekies’ move to AlphaTauri, but Ferrari’s team principal Fred Vasseur has expressed concerns about the timing of the announcement. In a recent statement, Vasseur claimed that AlphaTauri’s press release was “somewhat aggressive” and that the specifics of Mekies’ departure from Ferrari had not yet been finalized.

Fred Vasseur, Ferrari team principal, claims that AlphaTauri’s announcement of signing Laurent Mekies was somewhat aggressive, as the specifics of Mekies’ departure from Ferrari have not been finalized.

On Wednesday, AlphaTauri released a statement declaring that Franz Tost would leave his team principal role, which he held since Red Bull bought the formerly known Minardi team in 2006. Mekies, currently the sporting director at Ferrari, is set to replace Tost.

Mekies had previously worked as an engineer for Toro Rosso, moved to the FIA in 2014, and later joined Ferrari. Vasseur expressed that he had no objection to Mekies’ move and was pleased that his colleague would have the opportunity to lead an F1 team.

However, he emphasized that the deal was not yet officially finalized.

Vasseur stated that it was a great opportunity for Mekies and that he would not stand in his way. He also mentioned that AlphaTauri may have been too aggressive with the press release, considering Mekies is under a long-term contract with Ferrari and details need to be discussed.

Vasseur’s main priority is protecting Ferrari’s interests, which includes discussing the terms of Mekies’ departure. The timing of Mekies leaving and any ‘gardening leave’ period will be determined collaboratively and properly.


Vasseur emphasized that finding the best outcome for Ferrari is essential. Based on when Mekies transitions to AlphaTauri, they will decide the end of their collaboration, maintaining a positive relationship.

This development occurs despite Vasseur previously denying that Mekies would be leaving Ferrari earlier in the year.

When questioned about the disparity by The Race, Vasseur responded that the proposal was not the same, and it would be hard for anyone in Mekies’ position to refuse the opportunity to become a team principal.

Mekies’ departure follows Ferrari’s head of vehicle concept David Sanchez, who recently committed to a move to McLaren. Vasseur downplayed the significance of these departures, stating that losing two people out of 1,600 is not a crisis. He emphasized the importance of the team’s collective strength over individual contributions.

Vasseur also mentioned that Ferrari is recruiting heavily, although they are not publicizing it. He acknowledged that establishing a new organization within the F1 environment takes time and effort, but they are working on it.

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc supported Vasseur’s view on Mekies’ decision and its impact on the team. He mentioned that while there is off-track restructuring happening, the team understands that this is a great opportunity for Mekies. Leclerc expressed confidence in the team’s future and Vasseur’s vision.

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