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Tost Steps Down, Mekies Steps Up as Team Principal



AlphaTauri Mekies Team Principal

AlphaTauri’s Formula 1 team is set to experience a leadership shakeup, as long-standing team principal Franz Tost prepares to step down by the end of 2023. Laurent Mekies, Ferrari’s current sporting director, is poised to take over the reins at an unspecified date.

Franz Tost is set to step down as AlphaTauri’s Formula 1 team principal by the end of 2023, with his position to be taken over by current Ferrari sporting director Laurent Mekies at an unspecified date.

Mekies has long been speculated to be considering a departure from Ferrari, which has experienced several significant exits lately. Ferrari’s performance at the beginning of the 2023 season has fallen short of pre-season projections, failing to achieve a single podium finish in the initial three races.

Tost has been a constant presence in Red Bull’s secondary team since its founding and first season in 2006, back when it was called Toro Rosso.

Tost has managed the team since its transformation from Minardi, witnessing its two race victories and the shift to the AlphaTauri name in 2020 throughout its entire F1 tenure. However, he will relinquish his position after this season as part of a restructuring aimed at “securing long-term stability and ensuring continuity.” Among F1’s current team leaders, only Red Bull’s Christian Horner has held the position longer than Tost.

AlphaTauri Mekies Team Principal

As part of the restructuring, former FIA executive Peter Bayer will join the team as chief executive officer later this year.

Bayer’s responsibilities will encompass “guiding the team’s strategic direction at its facilities in Faenza and the UK.”


Mekies is set to succeed Tost as team principal, while Tost will stay with the team in 2024, transitioning to a “consultancy role.”

Mekies, like Bayer, has previously worked for the FIA and even had a prior stint at AlphaTauri when it was still Toro Rosso (Mekies is pictured below alongside former Toro Rosso technical director James Key).

According to the team’s statement, Mekies will be “accountable for the team’s daily operations, including technical, manufacturing, support function, and race team operations, working alongside Peter’s strategically focused role to form a new and dynamic leadership team with equal responsibility.”

Mekies acknowledged Tost’s leadership in AlphaTauri’s statement, wishing him well for the future and noting that both he and Peter would seek his advice and input in the coming times.

Mekies expressed his honor in assuming the team principal position and returning to the team where he spent a significant part of his early career. He believes that Scuderia AlphaTauri possesses all the essential components for achieving greater success in the future, and he looks forward to working alongside Peter to make it happen.

Bayer expressed that it is a “great privilege” to take on the role of AlphaTauri’s CEO, while Tost offered his gratitude to Red Bull’s owner, Dietrich Mateschitz, who passed away last year.

Tost stated, “First of all, I would like to thank Dietrich Mateschitz, who provided me with the incredible opportunity to serve as team principal of Scuderia Toro Rosso and Scuderia AlphaTauri for the past 18 years.”


He emphasized the privilege of leading the team for such an extended period and the pleasure of collaborating with so many dedicated and talented individuals who share his enthusiasm for Formula 1.

At 67 years old, Tost feels it is time to pass the torch, and he believes that with Peter as the new CEO and Laurent as team principal, they have found two highly professional individuals who can elevate the team further. Tost expressed his gratitude to everyone for their excellent collaboration.

AlphaTauri Mekies Team Principal F1 2023 AlphaTauri Mekies Team Principal F1 2023 AlphaTauri Mekies Team Principal F1 2023 AlphaTauri Mekies Team Principal F1 2023

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