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Russell’s now-famous pose takes social media by storm!



Russell now-famous pose takes social media by storm

George Russell’s pose has taken the F1 world by storm, as social media goes wild with hilarious memes! But how did this viral moment come to be? In a recent interview, Russell shares the surprising backstory behind his now-infamous pose for the 2023 opening sequences.

The Mercedes team’s social media administrators have been using George Russell’s famous pose from the Formula 1 opening titles to create humorous content, which may be either entertaining or embarrassing for the 25-year-old driver.

Russell has already been in the spotlight recently due to the controversy surrounding Fernando Alonso’s podium finish in Saudi Arabia, which has generated a lot of attention on social media.

George Russell has shared the backstory of his now-infamous pose that was featured in the official opening sequences of Formula 1. As the clips are played before every session throughout the F1 season, fans have become accustomed to them.

However, Russell’s pose for the 2023 opening sequences quickly became a viral meme soon after they were released. Fans had a field day creating various hilarious images by cropping Russell’s pose and sharing them on social media platforms.

Even the official F1 and Mercedes social media channels joined in the fun by creating their own memes. During a podcast called The Fast And The Curious, Russell talked about the motivation behind the pose.

According to Russell, he and the team were in a studio, and they were trying out various poses for the opening sequences. They tried looking down, looking up, crossing their arms, putting their hands on their hips, looking away from the camera, and looking into the camera, among other things.


After trying out some of the standard poses, the videographer needed some time to reset the equipment. Feeling tired, Russell put his hands on the sides of the LED boards to relax and rest for a bit. He hung his head down since he was fatigued from a long day of shooting.

The videographer liked the pose and asked him to do it again, which eventually made it into the official Formula 1 opening sequences.

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