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F1 2023 Azerbaijan GP Television Schedule



F1 2023 Azerbaijan GP Television Schedule

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled weekend as the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix F1 gears up to debut the highly anticipated Sprint race format, adding an extra layer of excitement to an already thrilling event. This new format introduces two distinct qualifying sessions, setting the stage for intense competition and strategic gameplay throughout the weekend.

The 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix F1 will be the first race of the season to feature a Sprint race. While we await further details, it should normally introduce us to the new format with two qualifying sessions.

Typically, Friday will provide the Free Practice 1 (FP1) and qualifying for Sunday’s race. On Saturday morning, there will be a shortened qualifying session to set the grid for the Sprint race, which will take place in the afternoon.

The proposed sprint race qualifying aims to have a shorter session (due to tire limitations). Q1, Q2, and Q3 will last 12, 10, and 8 minutes, respectively. It is possible that the FIA will decide that all drivers will only be allowed one fast lap in Q3 given the time constraint.

Track info

The Baku circuit features one of the most complex profiles on the calendar, combining the longest straight of the season with a highly technical and twisty section. The track is very wide in some areas but narrows down to the width of a single car in the castle section, making mistakes all the more dangerous.

After passing this part of the circuit, the return to the straight is downhill, which challenges the balance of the single-seaters and complicates finding braking points easily. Off-track excursions are numerous during practice, and while the race was very calm in 2016, it was completely chaotic in 2017 and quite lively in 2018, with a more tranquil edition in 2019.


After Spa (7,004 meters), Baku is the second-longest circuit on the calendar with 6,003 meters. Located 28 meters below sea level, the track is often subject to gusts and runs counter-clockwise. An average temperature of 28°C is expected.

T1 – Approached at around 320 km/h, this braking zone leads to a tight left turn. However, there are ample runoff areas. Despite other decelerations, the brakes should not be severely tested, as there are many opportunities to cool them down. This is the first of many right-angle turns on the circuit. A top speed of around 330 km/h in qualifying is expected, or even 340 km/h with slipstream. Although the brake discs heat up in the twisty middle sector, they are relatively cold before the first corner at the end of the long straight.

T2 – The second 90° left turn leads to a new straight. This is a good overtaking opportunity before the third right-angle left turn.

T4 – This 90° right turn leads to a left-right chicane (T5-T6), where the Flame Towers can be seen in the distance.

T8-9 – While most of the track is wide for a street circuit, T8 and T9 offer a real contrast with a narrow and technical section winding around the castle and the medieval, cobblestone streets of the old town.

T11 – With its crest and close walls, T11 penalizes even the slightest mistake.

T13 – This slightly banked left turn is taken at full throttle before an identical T14, followed by heavy braking ahead of the steeply cambered tight left T15. The barrier is close on exit. Be careful not to touch it on re-acceleration.


T16 – This final braking zone precedes the ultra-fast sequence from T17 to T20 leading to the long straight and pit lane, where a small chicane is found at the entrance.

Competing Forces

Red Bull is expected to dominate again in Azerbaijan, on a circuit where the team has been the benchmark for two years now. However, Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez will have to avoid all the pitfalls of reduced free practice sessions and qualifying rounds during which no mistakes will be allowed.

Behind them, Aston Martin F1 is expected to be in good shape again, although top speed might penalize Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll. In that case, Mercedes F1 is expected to close the gap to the Silverstone-based team, with Ferrari hoping to take advantage.

The Scuderia will not bring any updates to such a risky weekend and could therefore see Alpine F1 closing in on them once again. McLaren could also get closer to this group, as the MCL60 will see significant improvements in Azerbaijan.

Behind them, the battle promises to be fierce between Alfa Romeo, AlphaTauri, Haas, and Williams, who will compete for spots in Q2 and possibly Q3, and hope to capitalize on any potential missteps from the teams ahead of them.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2023: From Friday, April 28th to Sunday, April 30th, 2023


Here are the UK timings:

DaySessionChannelSession StartsSession Ends
FridayAzerbaijan GP FP1 liveSky Sports F110:3011:30
FridayAzerbaijan GP Qualifying liveSky Sports F114:0015:00
SaturdayAzerbaijan GP FP2 liveSky Sports F110:3011:30
SaturdayWEC Six Hours of SpaEurosport 211:45
SaturdayAzerbaijan GP F2 sprint race liveSky Sports F112:15
SaturdayAzerbaijan GP Sprint race liveSky Sports F114:30
SaturdayAzerbaijan GP Sprint race highlightsChannel 419:50
SaturdayAlabama Indy GP QualifyingSky Sports F120:00
SundayAzerbaijan GP F2 feature race liveSky Sports F108:35
SundayAzerbaijan GP liveSky Sports F112:00
SundayAzerbaijan GP highlightsChannel 417:30
SundayAlabama Indy GPSky Sports F120:15

Here are the USA (Eastern) timings:

DaySessionChannelSession StartsSession Ends
FridayAzerbaijan GP FP1 liveESPN205:3006:30
FridayAzerbaijan GP Qualifying liveESPNU09:0010:00
SaturdayAzerbaijan GP FP2 liveESPN205:3006:30
SaturdayAzerbaijan GP sprint race liveESPN09:3010:30
SaturdayAlabama Indy GP QualifyingPeacock15:00
SundayAzerbaijan GP liveESPN07:0008:00
SundayAlabama Indy GP NBC Sports15:15

Worldwide Azerbaijan Grand Prix start times:

LocationStart time
Morocco, CasablancaSun 12:00
USA, HawaiiSun 01:00
USA, AlaskaSun 03:00
Canada, British ColumbiaSun 04:00
USA, CaliforniaSun 04:00
Canada, AlbertaSun 05:00
Mexico, Mexico CitySun 05:00
USA, ColoradoSun 05:00
Canada, ManitobaSun 06:00
USA, TexasSun 06:00
Bolivia, La PazSun 07:00
Canada, OntarioSun 07:00
USA, New YorkSun 07:00
Argentina, Buenos AiresSun 08:00
Brazil, Rio de JaneiroSun 08:00
Ireland, DublinSun 12:00
Portugal, LisbonSun 12:00
United KingdomSun 12:00
France, ParisSun 13:00
Germany, BerlinSun 13:00
Hungary, BudapestSun 13:00
Italy, RomeSun 13:00
Netherlands, AmsterdamSun 13:00
South Africa, JohannesburgSun 13:00
Spain, MadridSun 13:00
Finland, HelsinkiSun 14:00
Saudi Arabia, RiyadhSun 14:00
Turkey, IstanbulSun 14:00
United Arab Emirates, DubaiSun 15:00
India, Delhi, New DelhiSun 16:30
Australia, Western AustraliaSun 19:00
China, BeijingSun 19:00
Malaysia, Kuala LumpurSun 19:00
SingaporeSun 19:00
Japan, TokyoSun 20:00
South Korea, SeoulSun 20:00
Australia, New South WalesSun 21:00
New Zealand, AucklandSun 23:00

Complete list of Azerbaijan Grand Prix winners:

2022BakouMax VerstappenRed BullHonda
2021BakouSergio PérezRed BullHonda
2019BakouValtteri BottasMercedesMercedes
2018BakouLewis HamiltonMercedesMercedes
2017BakouDaniel RicciardoRed BullRenault
2016BakouNico RosbergMercedesMercedes

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