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Could Hamilton be the solution to Ferrari’s troubles? Jordan thinks so



Can Hamilton fix Ferrari

Could Lewis Hamilton be the solution to Ferrari’s troubles? Former F1 team boss Eddie Jordan certainly thinks so. He believes that if Hamilton were to join the Italian team, he could potentially solve many of their problems.

According to Eddie Jordan, if Lewis Hamilton were to join Ferrari, he could potentially solve many of the team’s problems. Although Mercedes has had a challenging start to the 2023 season, Hamilton has expressed no interest in leaving the team.

Nonetheless, rumors persist about whether he might switch teams if Mercedes’ struggles persist. Martin Brundle, a former F1 driver, has even speculated about the possibility of Hamilton joining Ferrari.

Jordan, who used to be a team boss, has now added his voice to the conversation, suggesting that Hamilton and Ferrari could form a great partnership.

Jordan believes that there is only one suitable destination for Lewis Hamilton, which is Ferrari. He thinks that Hamilton’s immense talent could make for a perfect partnership with the team. In Jordan’s opinion, both Ferrari and Hamilton need to be “shaken up” if they are going to continue.

He believes that Hamilton needs a change to refresh his mindset, drive, initiative, and enjoyment of the sport. Learning Italian and experiencing the Italian culture, food, and way of life would provide Hamilton with a new and exciting challenge. Having managed a team in the past, Jordan has observed firsthand how Ferrari operates and thinks that Hamilton would thrive in that environment.

Jordan believes that Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari would make for an incredible storyline. Ferrari’s championship aspirations in 2022 have been hurt by a range of issues, including driver mistakes, strategy errors, and reliability concerns.


Jordan thinks that Hamilton could be an influential figure in helping Ferrari address these problems. He believes that Hamilton would bring a fresh perspective and a new sense of direction to the team, ultimately solving many of the issues that they have faced.

Jordan dreams of seeing Hamilton at Ferrari for a year or two before he retires, just to see what would happen. Even though it is unlikely to occur, Jordan thinks that the media buzz and excitement that such a move would generate would be extraordinary.

Can Hamilton fix Ferrari Can Hamilton fix Ferrari Can Hamilton fix Ferrari Can Hamilton fix Ferrari

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