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Verstappen’s grid position controversy resolved?



Verstappen grid position controversy resolved F1 2023 australian gP

Max Verstappen narrowly avoided a penalty controversy during the Australian Grand Prix, but emerged victorious despite multiple red flags.

It is believed that Max Verstappen did not breach any regulations with regards to the placement of his car on the starting grid during the tumultuous Australian Grand Prix of the Formula 1 season. Despite facing three red flags during the eventful Sunday, the two-time F1 world champion emerged victorious in the third race held in Melbourne.

Following a full standing restart, multiple collisions involving several cars occurred, leading to another red flag. With no more racing laps remaining, Verstappen only had to cross the finish line after a rolling restart that took place under the guidance of the safety car.

Speculation arose when pictures emerged at the end of the race showing Verstappen positioned too far forward in his grid box during the initial start and subsequent restarts, which could have potentially jeopardized his second win of the season.

During the first two races of the season, both Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso were penalized with five-second penalties for their incorrect positioning at the start of their respective races.

Verstappen appeared to be at risk of facing a similar outcome as images of the final restart indicated that he may have positioned his car too far forward. Moreover, he was slightly ahead of his designated position even during the initial start.

However, Verstappen has not been subjected to an investigation and will not face any charges. According to information received by F1Lead, the FIA has examined the matter and cleared Verstappen of any wrongdoing, as the contact patch of his front tires remained in contact with the white line.


The sporting regulations state that during a race start, the car must have its front tires’ contact patch within the designated lines, and it is considered an offense only if any part of the contact patch is outside of these lines at the start signal. Verstappen’s car was positioned on the white line, and not beyond it, meeting the required criteria. The FIA, therefore, deemed it acceptable and within the regulations.

Verstappen’s grid position controversy resolved? Verstappen’s grid position controversy resolved? Verstappen’s grid position controversy resolved?