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Aston Martin’s Turnaround: From Dismal to Dominant



Aston Martin Turnaround From Dismal to Dominant F1 2023 australian

From a disastrous start to a remarkable turnaround, Aston Martin’s journey in the past year has been nothing short of extraordinary. Despite rain-assisted results, Fernando Alonso’s topping of the times during Friday practice at the Australian Grand Prix is a testament to the team’s progress since their dismal performance 12 months ago.

Despite being rain-assisted, Fernando Alonso’s Friday practice topping of the times at the Australian Grand Prix is a strong indication of Aston Martin’s impressive turnaround since their terrible performance 12 months ago. During last year’s Melbourne race, Aston Martin had a difficult time, with their cars suffering four crashes in just two days. The car was challenging to drive and painfully slow.

Sebastian Vettel’s return from a two-race COVID absence was marred by an engine failure during practice, an early crash during Saturday practice, and being forced out of the grand prix before the mid-point. His teammate Lance Stroll also faced difficulties, crashing during final practice and again during qualifying in a bizarre incident involving Nicholas Latifi.

The Australian Grand Prix last year marked a dismal start to the season for Aston Martin, with the team failing to score any points in the first three races. It was undoubtedly the low point of the team’s performance. However, fast forward to almost a year later, and the team’s fortunes have changed dramatically.

Aston Martin currently holds second place in the championship, and Fernando Alonso, the team’s latest acquisition, has already secured two podium finishes in the first two grands prix. While topping FP2 was somewhat misleading, the team is still seen as the primary challenger to Red Bull. In light of Aston Martin’s impressive turnaround, team boss Mike Krack now views the 2022 Australian GP as a highlight rather than a low point.

According to team boss Mike Krack, the difficult period during last year’s Australian Grand Prix was actually the best moment for the team. Despite facing multiple setbacks, the team came together and decided to work towards a solution. Krack credits their ability to stick together and persevere as the reason for their current success.

The team’s transformation has been both gradual and rapid. They started with a major upgrade early in the year, shifting away from their original concept and towards a Red Bull-style one. Throughout the season, they continued to make further upgrades, including a significant one at Silverstone, which demonstrated their enhanced development capacity.


Aston Martin’s improved performance allowed them to climb from ninth to seventh place in the championship standings. Towards the end of the season, the car’s performance had consistently improved, making them a regular top-10 threat and typically the sixth-fastest car on the track. However, according to Krack, the team’s seventh-place finish did not fully reflect the potential of the car at that time. He believes that the car was better than their final position suggested. Nevertheless, nobody could have predicted the significant progress made by the team during the winter.

If someone had attempted to predict this 12 months ago, they would have likely faced skepticism. The level of progress made by Aston Martin and the decision of Fernando Alonso to join the team after his successful start with Alpine would have been challenging to forecast.

The internal impact of Aston Martin’s turnaround has been palpable, with a renewed sense of energy within the teams. According to Krack, employees are now able to leave work on time to spend time with their families, whereas in the past, they may have had to work overtime to address ongoing issues.

Krack describes the team’s progress as incredible and notes that it’s difficult to fully comprehend unless you experience it firsthand. Fernando Alonso is currently at the forefront of this underdog success story, with his performance contributing significantly to the team’s success. It seems that Aston Martin is moving rapidly from a team that had to fight hard to compete with the big hitters to being one themselves.

Despite a disrupted pre-season due to an accident that caused him to miss the three-day test in Bahrain, Stroll is still making his mark and acknowledging the progress that the team has made. Having been with the team since 2019, he has witnessed both the highs and lows of the team’s journey.

However, the most significant comparison for him is with the team’s performance in Australia in 2022. Stroll notes that the team was in a tough place a year ago, with an uncompetitive car that made racing no fun for anyone. In contrast, this year is a different story, and the team is in a much better position.