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The Future of Charles Leclerc: Should He Stay or Should He Go?



Future of Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc faces a career-defining decision as his contract with Ferrari expires next year. With rumors of interest from top teams like Mercedes and Red Bull, Leclerc must weigh his options carefully as he evaluates which team is best placed to provide him with a car capable of winning races and championships in the future.

The 2024 season will be crucial for both Leclerc and Ferrari, as they seek to fulfill their potential and deliver the results they are capable of achieving.

It’s a common reality in Formula 1 that when one team achieves dominance, the top drivers who repeatedly face defeat become restless.

The 18 drivers who are not part of the Red Bull RB19 team can’t help but feel envious of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. This feeling is only natural for the highly competitive nature of Grand Prix drivers, who must possess this trait to thrive at the top level.

As Red Bull continues to dominate for the second year, following their equal-top billing with Mercedes in 2021, it could significantly affect the driver market.

Lewis Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes is set to expire at the end of the season, and even Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has acknowledged that he wouldn’t object if Hamilton decides to leave in search of a better car.

However, Wolff did express the hope that Hamilton would stay with the team for at least another year or two. While it’s widely expected that Hamilton will remain with Mercedes, retirement or a surprise move can’t be ruled out until a new contract is signed.


Meanwhile, there are also concerns about Lando Norris, who is committed to McLaren until the end of 2025, but the team is currently slipping back in the midfield. Any top team with a potential vacancy would be interested in both drivers. However, another top driver facing a difficult decision regarding his future path is Charles Leclerc.

At 25 years old, Charles Leclerc is widely regarded as one of the fastest drivers in Formula 1, especially over a single lap.

However, despite his impressive performances since joining Ferrari in 2019, he has only managed to win five races. Some critics have used his poor ratio of pole positions to wins (18 poles but only 5 wins) to question Leclerc’s ability to convert opportunities into victories.

Future of Charles Leclerc

While Leclerc has made mistakes, including famously crashing out of the lead at the French Grand Prix in 2020, more often than not, Ferrari’s mechanical or strategic weaknesses have been the cause of his setbacks at key moments.

Charles Leclerc’s contract with Ferrari is set to expire at the end of next year. Typically, a top team would be eager to secure the services of their star driver, rather than risking going into the final year of their contract with an uncertain future.

However, Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur has been avoiding questions about Leclerc’s contract status, leaving the issue unresolved for the time being.

In January, Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur used a wedding analogy to describe Charles Leclerc’s contract situation, saying that if both parties are content with the current arrangement, they will continue together.


However, Vasseur emphasized that contract negotiations are not the top priority at the moment, as the team’s focus is on achieving strong performance and results on the track.

When Vasseur mentioned the team’s focus on performance, it was likely a reference to the broader goal of achieving strong results on the track, rather than specifically addressing what Ferrari needs to do to retain Leclerc.

However, the team’s performance and ability to provide Leclerc with a car capable of winning races will undoubtedly play a significant role in his decision-making process. If Ferrari performs well and provides Leclerc with a competitive car, it would likely increase the likelihood of a smooth contract renewal, as drivers are often more inclined to remain with a team that can deliver strong results.

Future of Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc’s 2023 results so far have been less than impressive, with a seventh-place finish, a retirement, and a 10-place grid penalty due to the team’s tire management issues. Given these struggles, it’s understandable that Leclerc may be considering other options.

Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur likely understands that he can’t simply tie Leclerc down to a new contract, as the team must prove itself to Leclerc and demonstrate that it can deliver the results he desires.

Leclerc is undoubtedly aware of his own value, and it’s likely that he will keep his options open until he sees clear evidence that Ferrari is capable of providing him with a competitive car.

The partnership between Charles Leclerc and Ferrari has been a frustrating one, marked by missed opportunities and setbacks due to engine problems. Leclerc’s second race for Ferrari saw him lose a potential victory in the Bahrain Grand Prix due to a dropped cylinder, and he suffered from power unit issues that cost him at least one win last season.


Engine reliability was a top priority for Ferrari in 2023, so it was unsurprising that Leclerc expressed disappointment and frustration after retiring from third place in Bahrain. The optimism of the new season quickly faded, and Leclerc’s demeanor reflected his disappointment and frustration, which were entirely justified given the team’s ongoing engine issues.

Future of Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc is widely regarded as a top-class driver, with exceptional speed and an unparalleled sensitivity to grip, particularly in traction zones. He possesses a unique ability to ride the edge of control, making lightning-fast corrections that conserve momentum and minimize mistakes where other drivers would struggle.

Although he occasionally makes mistakes, his ability to push the limits without going over them is what sets him apart and has earned him admiration from his peers in the paddock.

There have been rumors that Mercedes is interested in signing Charles Leclerc, with the team potentially looking to replace Lewis Hamilton in the near future.

Mercedes regards George Russell as a driver with the potential to win world championships in the long run, but the team has proven to be open to the idea of having two high-performing drivers on their roster. Should Hamilton depart, Leclerc is likely to be considered as a potential replacement by the team.

Future of Charles Leclerc

Leclerc himself is aware of the possibility of a future Mercedes seat and is likely keeping his options open as he weighs his future prospects.

While Mercedes has enjoyed more recent success than Ferrari, with a run of 15 titles out of 16 from 2014-2021, it is currently no better off than Ferrari in terms of performance. While Mercedes may hold more appeal due to its recent success, it would not necessarily be a step up for Leclerc in his current form.

Therefore, Leclerc must consider his options carefully and evaluate which team is best placed to provide him with a car capable of winning races and championships in the future.


The potential move to Red Bull is a double-edged sword for Charles Leclerc, as it offers him the opportunity to drive a highly competitive car but would also mean competing alongside Max Verstappen, who has established himself as the team’s lead driver through consistent high performance.

Verstappen has spent years working hard to make the team a championship contender and is now reaping the rewards. His success at Red Bull serves as a valuable lesson for Leclerc and other drivers considering a move to a top team. It takes hard work, patience, and perseverance to build a successful team and establish oneself as the lead driver, which should not be taken lightly.

Future of Charles Leclerc

The major hurdle for any driver considering a move to Red Bull is that Max Verstappen is under contract until 2028, which is a long-term commitment in the world of Formula 1. The team is structured around Verstappen, and its operations are optimized to make the most of his talents.

The team generally follows a number one/number two driver model, and even if Red Bull were to replace Sergio Perez, it’s questionable whether they would want a driver of Leclerc’s caliber. As for Leclerc, while he may back himself to beat Verstappen, the circumstances surrounding the move would not necessarily appeal to him.

The team’s structure and focus on Verstappen could potentially limit Leclerc’s opportunities and his ability to fully showcase his talents.

Given the current landscape of Formula 1, Ferrari may be the best option for Charles Leclerc. However, the question remains as to whether the revamped team can convince him that they are capable of making the leap from occasional winners to champions. Leclerc had concerns about the previous leadership under Mattia Binotto and has expressed positivity about the current regime under Frederic Vasseur.

However, with rumors about potential top-level management intervention and the ongoing issue of politics potentially hindering the team’s progress, Leclerc likely still needs to be convinced that Ferrari is a viable option for his long-term goals.


Historically, Ferrari has had everything it needs to succeed in Formula 1, from ample financial resources to top-notch facilities and resources. Recent investments, such as the state-of-the-art driver-in-loop simulator that was introduced in 2021, have further solidified the team’s position at the forefront of the sport.

However, the question remains as to whether Ferrari can capitalize on its advantages and consistently deliver top performance on the track. The team’s recent struggles with engine reliability and strategic missteps suggest that there is still work to be done in maximizing its potential.

Charles Leclerc is currently at the center of one of the few teams that has the potential to dominate in Formula 1.

Alongside Mercedes and Red Bull, Ferrari is one of only three teams that is capable of consistently winning races and competing for championships. Leclerc is the focal point of the team, with teammate Carlos Sainz playing a supporting role. This makes for a strong position for Leclerc, as he is the clear leader of the team and has the potential to help guide Ferrari to the top of the sport.

If Charles Leclerc loses faith in Ferrari, he will undoubtedly have no shortage of potential suitors. With teams like Aston Martin making strides towards competing for championships, there will likely be more realistic options for Leclerc in the near future.

However, Leclerc will likely take his time before committing to any decision, waiting until early next year to fully evaluate his options and decide whether to recommit himself to Ferrari or explore other opportunities.

Charles Leclerc must focus on developing himself both on and off the track. While he is an exceptional driver with a unique set of skills, he still has room for improvement when it comes to seeing the big picture in races and making strategic decisions. Additionally, he should work on addressing any other shortfalls that may exist off the track.


While a driver cannot single-handedly turn a team into a title winner, they can certainly play an important role in the process. Leclerc must ensure that he is always ready to deliver consistent and high-performance when he has a title-winning car under him.

This requires addressing any potential weaknesses or areas of improvement, and being rock solid when it comes to executing on race day.

Looking at the example of Max Verstappen, who spent five seasons with Red Bull staring at the back of all-conquering Mercedes cars, it’s clear that success in Formula 1 requires patience and perseverance.

Charles Leclerc is now in his fifth season with Ferrari, and there is hope that the breakthrough is close. While it may not happen this year, there is potential for success in 2024 and beyond. In today’s Formula 1, it’s not uncommon for teams to go through extended phases of domination, so patience and dedication are essential for drivers looking to compete at the highest level.

By staying committed to Ferrari and continuing to develop his skills, Leclerc has the potential to become a championship-winning driver in the near future.

The 2024 season will be crucial for both Charles Leclerc and Ferrari. If next year starts like this year, with the team struggling to compete at the front of the grid, Leclerc may have to seriously consider moving to another team. However, such a move could be risky, as there is no guarantee that another team would be able to offer him the same level of success and support as Ferrari.

The best solution for both Leclerc and Ferrari is for the team to fulfill its potential and deliver the results that both parties are capable of achieving. If that doesn’t happen, Leclerc may find himself facing a career-defining decision of whether to stay or go.


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