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Hamilton: “2023 Red Bull is the fastest car I’ve ever seen in F1”



Hamilton 2023 Red Bull is the fastest car I ve ever seen in F1

Lewis Hamilton is amazed by the speed of the 2023 Red Bull car, which he believes is faster than any other car and surpasses the dominance of his previous Mercedes cars.

According to seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton, the 2023 Red Bull in Formula 1 is faster than any other car he has seen and surpasses the dominance of the Mercedes cars he drove to win world titles.

In the Bahrain Grand Prix opener of the 2023 season, Hamilton finished 51 seconds behind the leading Red Bull. In the Saudi Arabian race, he finished 31 seconds behind, but it’s worth noting that the safety car period on lap 20 of 50 bunched up the field during the race in Jeddah.

Despite starting eight places ahead of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen on the grid due to the latter’s driveshaft failure during qualifying, Hamilton witnessed Verstappen easily pass him on lap 12 of the race, although Hamilton was struggling at that point due to being on a harder compound. When asked whether there was a risk of fans losing interest in Formula 1 due to Red Bull’s dominance, Hamilton refrained from commenting, but he did mention that he had never seen a car as fast as the 2023 Red Bull.

Hamilton expressed his amazement at the speed of the 2023 Red Bull, stating that even when his own car was considered fast in the past, it was not as fast as the current Red Bull. He observed that Verstappen overtook him with remarkable speed during the race and that the difference in pace was so significant that he did not even attempt to block the overtake.

When asked about the possibility of cars not being able to compete with the Red Bulls due to their significant pace advantage, Hamilton stated that while everyone would like to see a close competition, he cannot do anything about it, and it’s not his problem or fault. Meanwhile, Hamilton’s teammate George Russell shared a similar opinion during an interview with UK broadcaster Sky, although he added that the Red Bull’s dominance was not quite as overwhelming as Mercedes’ dominance at the beginning of the hybrid era.

Russell acknowledged the impressive performance of Red Bull and credited their achievement, stating that the gap between Red Bull and the rest of the field in terms of performance is probably the largest seen since Mercedes dominated in 2014.

Russell also recognized that the gap between Red Bull and the rest of the field is significant and that everyone needs to work harder to close it. Mercedes had a remarkable run in Formula 1, winning eight consecutive constructors’ titles from 2014 to 2021, and drivers’ titles, with six championships won by Hamilton and one by Nico Rosberg, during the first seven years of that period.


Although Ferrari showed glimpses of potential championship challenges, especially in 2017 and 2018 with Sebastian Vettel, it was not until Verstappen won the 2021 title with Red Bull that Mercedes faced a serious threat for the championship in that era.