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Hamilton splits with long-time trainer Angela Cullen



Hamilton splits with long-time trainer Angela Cullen

In a recent development, Lewis Hamilton and Angela Cullen confirmed their separation, with Toto Wolff suggesting that Hamilton was the one who initiated the split. While Wolff praised Cullen’s contributions, he emphasized the importance of change when a partnership is no longer functional.

Toto Wolff has suggested that Lewis Hamilton was the one who chose to part ways with his longstanding Formula One trainer and performance coach, Angela Cullen. Angela, originally from New Zealand, has been an essential member of Hamilton’s close-knit team since they joined forces in 2016, collaborating with the Mercedes driver during his successful pursuit of four out of seven world championships between 2017 and 2020.

Ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix over the weekend, Lewis Hamilton and Angela Cullen both confirmed their separation, and Toto Wolff, the team principal for Mercedes, appeared to imply in an interview with Sky Germany that it was Hamilton who had initiated the split.

Toto Wolff acknowledged that Lewis Hamilton had been considering a change for a while, stating, “We have noticed that Lewis has been searching for something different.”

Although Wolff praised Angela Cullen’s impact during her tenure at Mercedes, he also acknowledged that if a partnership is no longer functioning correctly, it is essential to be honest and make changes. He added, “Angela was a crucial member of the team for an extended period.”

According to Toto Wolff, every team is in a constant state of evolution, and it is not possible to maintain a static situation. He emphasized the importance of honesty and the need to make changes when things are not working out.

Wolff praised Angela Cullen as an excellent supporter of the team and stated that she would always have a special place in Mercedes’ history. He also mentioned that Hamilton’s decision to split with Cullen would be respected, and the team would continue to support him in his future endeavors.


Martin Brundle, a former Formula One driver and current Sky Sports pundit, expressed his opinion that the split could be a setback for Hamilton. He highlighted that Angela Cullen was a constant support for Hamilton, accompanying him in the pit lane and paddock, and even during his training.

Brundle acknowledged that finding a new trainer could be challenging for Hamilton, but emphasized that change is a natural part of life. He further stated that the demands of the Formula One season are intense, and it’s understandable that Cullen may want to explore new opportunities. Despite the separation, Brundle does not believe that it will impact Hamilton’s performance on the track.

Hamilton splits with long-time trainer Angela Cullen Hamilton splits with long-time trainer Angela Cullen Hamilton splits with long-time trainer Angela Cullen