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Hamilton calls for accountability from Mercedes over 2023 car design



Mercedes car design accountability

Lewis Hamilton speaks out about the need for accountability from Mercedes after their lackluster performance in Bahrain, admitting that his criticism may not have been the best choice of words. Despite this, he remains confident in the team’s ability to address the issue and close the performance gap to Red Bull.

Lewis Hamilton acknowledged that his choice of words in criticizing Mercedes for ignoring his input on the design of their 2022 Formula 1 car was not the best, but he also believes that everyone needs a wake-up call. The seven-time F1 champion shared these thoughts after finishing fifth in the Bahrain Grand Prix, where Mercedes’ car was outperformed by Red Bull, Ferrari, and Aston Martin, leaving them in fourth place.

During an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live earlier this month, Lewis Hamilton made unusually frank comments, calling for accountability from Mercedes and stating that they needed to own up to not listening to his input on the 2022 car design. He said that they needed to admit that the car was not up to par. However, during the press conference ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on Thursday, Hamilton expressed that he could have chosen his words more carefully but believed that his message was ultimately the right one.

Lewis Hamilton acknowledged that, in hindsight, his choice of words during the BBC Radio 5 Live interview was not the best. He admitted that disagreements can happen within a team, but stressed the importance of continuing to communicate and work together towards a common goal.

Lewis Hamilton affirmed his unwavering belief in the Mercedes team, which he considers his family, and emphasized that he has no intention of leaving. He also emphasized that everyone needs to work together and step up their game. He pointed out that Red Bull’s impressive performance and the way they achieved it highlighted the importance of his message, particularly in the context of Mercedes’ pre-season expectations.

Although the Mercedes team was cautious in their public statements after the launch of the W14 car, Lewis Hamilton revealed that internal discussions acknowledged that they may not immediately be at the front of the pack, but expected to be competitive. However, given Red Bull’s early dominance this season, Hamilton believes that the team needs to make bold decisions and take significant steps to catch up and narrow the gap. Otherwise, Red Bull could potentially run away with the championship, unless Ferrari can also mount a strong challenge.

Lewis Hamilton admitted that the current race-pace deficit of 1.5 seconds per lap to Red Bull is a significant challenge for Mercedes. He believes that even if they can make progress and close the gap during the season, it may be too late to mount a championship challenge. Nonetheless, he remains optimistic that they can still surprise people and achieve some notable results. Hamilton also suggested that Red Bull has yet to show their true potential, which adds to the challenge for Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton provided some insight into where Mercedes’ deficit lies compared to Red Bull, noting that it’s not so much on the straights. Last year, Hamilton says, they were draggy and struggled on both straights and corners, and as a result, they had to use a bigger wing. This year, however, Hamilton believes they’re faster on the straights but losing out primarily in the corners.


Hamilton observed that Red Bull has a significant advantage in terms of rear-end grip through most corners, which allows them to exit corners faster than Mercedes. He also suggested that in the Bahrain Grand Prix, Red Bull may not have been pushing to their full potential, indicating that they may be even faster than they appeared.

Lewis Hamilton restated his belief that the Mercedes team needs to reevaluate their expectations for the 2022 car, given the significant performance gap to Red Bull. However, he also expressed his complete confidence in the team’s ability to address the issue and close the gap. He emphasized that Mercedes has a proven track record of building great cars and that they just need to keep working hard to get back to where they want to be.

Mercedes car design accountability Mercedes car design accountability Mercedes car design accountability