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Haas F1 team’s response to Russian supply allegations



Haas F1 denies allegations

In a recent development, the Haas Formula 1 team has affirmed that they have not violated US export sanctions by supplying machinery and parts to Russia. However, a report by US public broadcaster PBS had claimed the opposite.

The Haas Formula 1 team has affirmed the statement made by its primary partner, Haas Automation, that it has not been violating the United States’ export sanctions by supplying machinery and parts to Russia.

Haas Automation is a machine tool manufacturing company that belongs to team founder Gene Haas and serves as the foundation for the F1 team’s primary color scheme.

Earlier this week, a report by US public broadcaster PBS claimed that Haas Automation had supplied machines and parts directly to Russia while the country’s conflict with Ukraine was ongoing. This action, if true, would contravene the export control and sanctions regulations of the United States. Haas Automation has denied these allegations.

The Haas Formula 1 team reasserted Haas Automation’s denial of the allegations made by PBS, stating that the story was “simply false” in both its general impression and specific statements.

The team’s principal, Guenther Steiner, explained that they shared the statement in response to the numerous inquiries they received, and that it aimed to clear the team’s name, which had been cast in a negative light.

Haas F1 denies allegations

Guenther Steiner also highlighted that Haas Automation and Haas F1 share the same name on the car, and many people are unaware that the F1 team is backed by a significant corporate entity. As a result, they released the statement to preempt any further queries they may receive on the matter.


This is not the first time that the Haas F1 team has taken swift action in response to Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine.

A year ago, when the invasion began, the team immediately removed the logos and colors of Russian company Uralkali for the final day of pre-season testing. It then terminated its title sponsorship and replaced driver Nikita Mazepin in the days that followed.

When asked by F1Lead about the Haas F1 team’s proactive response to the situation a year ago and now having another Haas company being involved in something and taking swift action again, Guenther Steiner acknowledged the team’s quick reaction.

He stated that they were the first to react by removing the stickers and cutting their ties on the same night when the situation arose a year ago.

Guenther Steiner further emphasized that Haas Automation took action earlier this month by ending its relationships with independent dealers in Russia, as stated in the company’s recent statement. Despite the long-standing relationship with the dealers, the invasion by Russia made it necessary to cut ties with them.

Haas F1 denies allegations

Steiner reiterated that there was no reason to continue the relationship after the invasion occurred. He refuted any suggestion that Haas F1 showed a different approach by being proactive last year and taking swift action again now.

Haas is emphasizing that there have been no shipments of machines from the Haas Automation factory to Russia since March 3, which was within two weeks of Russia’s first attack. However, PBS’s report stated that at least 18 shipments worth $2.8 million were directly made to Russia from Haas between March 4 and October of last year.

Haas maintains that the shipments referred to in the PBS report left the factory before the invasion occurred. Additionally, the company voluntarily terminated its relationship with Abamet Management, which Haas claims was the sole existing independent distributor for Russia and Belarus.


Haas clarifies that Abamet Management has never been required by any US sanctions. Since cutting ties with Abamet Management, Haas has not sold or shipped any machines, parts, or software to them or any other entity in Russia.

According to Haas, they had communicated this crucial fact to the PBS reporter before the story was broadcasted.

Haas F1 denies allegations Haas F1 denies allegations Haas F1 team’s response to Russian supply allegations

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