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Ferrari’s Tyre Wear Problem Must be Addressed Now, Says Vasseur Ahead of Saudi Arabia GP



Ferrari Tyre Wear Problem f1 2023

Fred Vasseur has identified Ferrari’s tyre wear problem as another key area that needs to be significantly addressed this season to compete with Red Bull for the Formula 1 championships. Upon taking on his role, Vasseur emphasized the importance of also addressing Scuderia’s reliability problems, which caused significant losses last year.

The significance of the reliability issue was further underscored when Charles Leclerc was forced to retire from the Bahrain Grand Prix due to a power unit problem, depriving him of a likely third-place finish. In addition to this, Vasseur also expressed concern about the SF-23s’ tyre degradation at the Bahrain International Circuit.

Due to the highly abrasive nature of the Bahrain International Circuit’s asphalt, Ferrari had to resort to a two-stint strategy with hard tyres, as opposed to just one stint on the soft tyres.

Meanwhile, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez were able to secure a comfortable one-two finish, thanks to their strategy of using two sets of soft tyres and one set of hard tyres.

When it was suggested to Vasseur that he had more to consider now than he did after testing, he responded by saying: “I believe that after testing, every team was somewhat in the dark about the situation. They had already manipulated the fuel levels and engine modes quite a bit during testing.”

Vasseur acknowledged that many, including the media, had expected Red Bull to have a bigger advantage in qualifying, but Ferrari proved to be a strong contender.

Despite this, he acknowledged that Red Bull’s ability to do two stints on the soft tyres while Ferrari had to use two sets of hard tyres was a significant disadvantage that needs to be addressed.


However, Vasseur emphasized that the top priority for him is to ensure that Ferrari has no reliability issues during the race.

Carlos Sainz, who finished fourth in Bahrain, expressed optimism that the upcoming race in Saudi Arabia will be more favorable to his car. The Jeddah Street Circuit is known for its high speeds and smoother asphalt, which should result in less severe tyre degradation for Ferrari compared to what they experienced in Bahrain.

Despite the potential for better performance at the next race, Vasseur has no plans to wait for several races to assess Ferrari’s tyre wear situation. He emphasized that the current situation is what matters most, and that while Bahrain’s high level of tyre degradation was an extreme case, it still needs to be addressed.

Vasseur also noted that the layout of the Jeddah Street Circuit, with its long traction phase and DRS zones, can magnify any tyre wear issues. However, he emphasized that the circumstances only increase the existing problems, rather than changing the overall situation.

When asked about whether he thought Ferrari’s tyre wear was a short-term problem, Vasseur admitted that he did not have a crystal ball and that it’s difficult to anticipate. He expressed hope that the issue can be resolved with tuning, but he couldn’t predict how long it would take.

Ferrari’s Tyre Wear Problem Ferrari’s Tyre Wear Problem Ferrari’s Tyre Wear Problem