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Bortoleto Claims Maiden Formula 3 Victory Amid Late Safety Car Chaos



Bortoleto Claims Maiden Formula 3 Victory Amid Late Safety Car Chaos

Gabriel Bortoleto Secures Maiden Formula 3 Victory in Chaotic Race Featuring Safety Car Periods and Penalties.

Gabriel Bortoleto claimed his inaugural victory in Formula 3 and led a Trident 1-2 finish after a late safety car period caused Gabriele Mini, who had been penalized, to fall back in the standings.

At the beginning of the race, newcomer Bortoleto managed to overtake pole-sitter Mini and secure the lead heading into the first turn. Meanwhile, Mini was also overtaken by Gregoire Saucy, causing the Italian driver to fall back to third place by the conclusion of the first lap.

On the fourth lap, Mini was able to regain the second position from the ART driver, while Bortoleto widened his lead to three seconds ahead of the two drivers.

An altercation involving Tommy Smith, Mari Boya, and Caio Collet ensued, resulting in a collision between Smith and Boya, causing Smith to spin and Boya to pull over due to suspension damage.

Although Smith was able to resume the race, a safety car was required to remove Boya’s damaged MP car from the track, negating all of Bortoleto’s prior efforts to maintain his lead.

Following the safety car restart, Mini was able to overtake the Brazilian driver, but he was subsequently given a five-second penalty for violating the starting procedure.


Meanwhile, further down the field, Luke Browning, who had started the race in the 17th position, was able to secure a points-scoring position after the safety car restart, fighting his way up to fifth place.

Dino Beganovic maintained a clean race following the safety car restart, overtaking both Kaylen Frederick and Saucy to finish in the fourth position, which was later upgraded to the final podium spot alongside Bortoleto and Oliver Goethe.

Paul Aron, who is also part of the Prema team alongside Beganovic, lost ground after the safety car restart, falling to the tenth position. He remained in that position for the rest of the race, engaging in a battle with his teammate Beganovic and Zak O’Sullivan from the Williams Academy.

Mini’s efforts to widen the gap between himself and the other drivers were thwarted by another safety car, which was triggered by an accident involving Smith and PHM’s Roberto Faria, leaving both cars damaged and unable to continue. The race concluded under the safety car, and as a result, Mini dropped down to the eighth position.

Saucy secured the fourth position, narrowly missing the podium, with Browning and sprint race victor Pepe Marti following closely behind in fifth and sixth, respectively. Frederick, the penalized Mini, Sebastian Montoya, and Paul Aron rounded out the top ten finishing positions. Bortoleto, the race winner, also earned an additional point for the fastest lap.

Result of the race after completing 22 laps.

1Gabriel BortoletoTrident44m33.107s
2Oliver GoetheTrident+0.869s
3Dino BeganovicPrema+1.109s
4Gregoire SaucyART Grand Prix+1.324s
5Luke BrowningHitech GP+1.691s
6Pepe MartiCampos Racing+1.848s
7Kaylen FrederickART Grand Prix+2.114s
8Gabriele MiniHitech GP+4.600s
9Sebastian MontoyaHitech GP+6.814s
10Franco ColapintoMP Motorsport+9.834s
11Paul AronPrema+13.181s
12Zak O’SullivanPrema+15.831s
13Christian MansellCampos Racing+18.265s
14Caio ColletVan Amersfoort Racing+19.202s
15Nikola TsolovART Grand Prix+19.227s
16Taylor BarnardJenzer Motorsport+19.602s
17Nikita BedrinJenzer Motorsport+22.022s
18Ollie GrayCaelin+25.088s
19Ido CohenCarlin+25.202s
20Rafael VillagomezVan Amersfoort Racing+25.636s
21Sophia FloerschPHM by Charouz+28.433s
22Hunter YeanyCarlin+35.461s
23Jonny EdgarMP Motorsport+36.182s
24Piotr WisnickiPHM by Charouz+37.365s
25Roberto FariaPHM by Charouz+45.304s
26Hugh BarterCampos Racing+1m07.515s
27Leonardo FornaroliTrident+1 lap
28Tommy SmithVan Amersfoort Racing+2 laps
29Alex GarciaJenzer Motorsport+3 laps
RetMari BoyaMP Motorsport

Bortoleto Claims Maiden Formula 3 Victory Bortoleto Claims Maiden Formula 3 Victory Bortoleto Claims Maiden Formula 3 Victory

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