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Marti clinches their initial F3 sprint victory of the year in Bahrain



Marti clinches their initial F3 sprint victory of the year in Bahrain

Spanish driver Pepe Marti has clinched his first sprint victory of the 2023 Formula 3 season in Bahrain. Marti, driving for the Campos team, overtook pole sitter Franco Colapinto in the closing laps of the race and also set the fastest lap time, earning maximum points for the day.

In Bahrain, Pepe Marti secured a win in the first sprint race of the 2023 Formula 3 season.

After starting in second place, Marti overtook Franco Colapinto, who had started in the pole position due to the reverse grid, with just five laps remaining in the race. Marti’s impressive performance also included setting the fastest lap time, earning him the maximum points available on Saturday. As a result, Marti was able to claim the top spot on the podium.

The first lap went smoothly, but the second lap saw the deployment of the Safety Car after only four corners. This was triggered by an incident in which Rafael Villagomez collided with Gabriel Bartoleto’s front wing, causing him to spin out and retire from the race by hitting the wall.

Shortly after the restart, Bartoleto was involved in another collision, this time with Kaylen Frederick at Turn 10. The impact caused a puncture to Frederick’s vehicle.

On the same lap, there were separate incidents at Turn Two that resulted in Luke Browning and Sophia Floersch spinning out. Although Floersch managed to resume the race, Browning’s day came to an end due to the incident. He was driving for Hitech at the time of the accident.

After those early incidents, the rest of the race proceeded relatively smoothly. It was a closely contested competition, but in the end, the Spaniard from the Campos team emerged victorious.


Caio Collet secured the third position on the podium, completing the trio of top finishers, followed by Dino Beganovic and Paul Aron. Oliver Goethe, who was competing in his first full F3 season, came in sixth, while Gregoire Saucy finished the race in seventh place.

Leonardo Fornaroli made an impressive debut and secured the eighth position, while Jonny Edgar and Sebastian Montoya completed the points-scoring positions. However, after the race, the stewards planned to speak with the drivers regarding their erratic driving during the first Safety Car restart.

This victory was also Marti’s maiden triumph in the series, marking a significant achievement in his racing career.

F3 sprint race in Bahrain:

1Pepe MartiCampos Racing43m09.598s
2Franco ColapintoMP Motorsport+1.805s
3Caio ColletVAR+5.879s
4Dino BeganovicPrema+9.017s
5Paul AronPrema+9.848s
6Oliver GoetheTrident+10.623s
7Gregoire SaucyART GP+11.157s
8Leonardo FornaroliTrident+11.737s
9Jonny EdgarMP Motorsport+12.359s
10Sebastian MontoyaHitech GP+12.897s
11Hugh BarterCampos Racing+13.663s
12Gabriel BortoletoTrident+14.111s
13Zak O’SullivanPrema+14.829s
14Christian MansellCampos Racing+15.819s
15Taylor BarnardJenzer Motorsport+17.461s
16Mari BoyaMP Motorsport+18.032s
17Nikita BedrinJenzer Motorsport+19.240s
18Gabriele MiniHitech GP+19.663s
19Ido CohenCarlin+23.416s
20Hunter YeanyCarlin+24.671s
21Ollie GrayCarlin+25.049s
22Sophia FloerschPHM Racing by Charouz+25.373s
23Tommy SmithVan Amersfoort Racing+25.951s
24Roberto FariaPHM Racing by Charouz+38.570s
25Piotr WisnickiPHM Racing by Charouz+45.222s
26Nikola TsolovART GP+47.787s
27Alex GarciaJenzer Motorsport+1m01.177s
28Kaylen FrederickART GP+1m25.396s
RetLuke BrowningHitech GP
RetRafael VillagomezVan Amersfoort Racing

Marti F3 sprint Bahrain Marti F3 sprint Bahrain Marti F3 sprint Bahrain

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