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Aston Martin Makes Bold F1 Move with Promising Start to 2023 Season



Aston Martin Makes Bold F1 Move with Promising Start to 2023 Season

Aston Martin enters 2023 F1 season with cautious optimism due to team talent and promising simulation results, backed by significant investments and aggressive recruitment efforts.

Aston Martin approached the start of the 2023 Formula 1 season with cautious optimism due to the exceptional talent within the team, as described by Fernando Alonso, and promising simulation results during the car’s development phase.

Lawrence Stroll, the team owner, has set a lofty goal of establishing Aston Martin as one of the most illustrious Formula 1 teams, and has backed up his ambition with substantial investments in team expansion. The team is set to open a new factory in May, and a cutting-edge wind tunnel will be operational next year. Additionally, Aston Martin has undertaken aggressive recruitment efforts to bolster their team.

Aston Martin’s ambitious recruitment drive has not been limited to high-profile figures such as Fernando Alonso, Dan Fallows (formerly of Red Bull), Eric Blandin (formerly of Mercedes), and Luca Furbatto. The team has also brought in high-caliber personnel throughout the organization, including the ‘rank and file’ of the Formula 1 team. Since the consortium led by Lawrence Stroll acquired the team in 2018, the headcount of ‘Team Silverstone’ has grown from 400 to over 700 employees.

During Friday’s practice session for the Bahrain Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso posted the fastest lap time and displayed impressive long-run pace. Despite this, he has tempered expectations for pole position, as Red Bull is still considered the favorite for both qualifying and the race. However, Alonso viewed the progress made with the Aston Martin AMR23 as a promising indication of the team’s future prospects.

According to Alonso, the team has every reason to feel proud of the progress they have made with the Aston Martin AMR23. The past few months have been filled with intense work in the factory, as the team devoted countless hours to simulating various scenarios and anticipating potential issues for the first few races of the season. The team’s unparalleled knowledge and talent are sources of great encouragement for the future.

Aston Martin’s optimism about their prospects for the season was not limited to the team alone. The strong simulation numbers produced during the development of the AMR23 were widely discussed within the F1 community, with rival teams also anticipating a strong showing from Aston Martin even before pre-season testing.


Dan Fallows, the team’s Chief Technical Officer, has stated that this year’s car is 95% different from last year’s model, and an aggressive upgrade program is planned throughout the season. However, the team has exercised caution and will wait until the car proves its performance on the track during testing.

Fallows expressed his satisfaction with the car, stating that they aimed to make significant improvements from last year’s model. In terms of performance relative to last year, the team is pleased with the progress they have made.

Fallows added that the team had set some ambitious targets for themselves, and they were able to achieve most of them. Following testing, the team was confident that they had a car they could work with to achieve their objectives for the season.

Although testing provided Aston Martin with an indication of their relative competitiveness, their true position in the competitive order will only be revealed during qualifying and the race. However, what is already apparent is that Aston Martin has taken a significant step forward, becoming the first team in a decade to break out of the midfield and enter the lead group.

Dan Fallows acknowledged that this achievement is no easy feat, stating that bridging the divide between the midfield and the lead group is a considerable challenge.

Fallows emphasized that the team’s primary goal during testing was to ensure that the car’s on-track performance aligned with their expectations based on wind tunnel data and simulations. It was gratifying to see the car perform as expected and to exhibit the desired characteristics. While there is a lot of excitement surrounding the team’s performance, it is challenging to make relative performance assessments due to the different approaches taken by various teams during testing. Thus, the true measure of the car’s potential will be known after this weekend.

Fallows echoed Alonso’s sentiments about the quality of personnel within the team, emphasizing that the combination of seasoned ‘Team Silverstone’ members with a history of overachievement and new recruits has elevated the team’s overall potential while still allowing them to punch above their weight.


It’s worth noting that Dan Fallows previously held crucial aerodynamics positions at Red Bull from 2006 until he departed to join Aston Martin. As a result, he possesses extensive experience working with F1’s current top team.

Fallows acknowledges that he is fortunate to have had recent experience with a top F1 team and understands the challenges that midfield teams face when trying to compete with top teams in areas such as facilities and tools. To achieve success, it is crucial to focus on one’s strengths and try to make a difference in those areas. For Aston Martin, their longstanding personnel and the team that has developed around them are major strengths that they can leverage.

According to Fallows, Aston Martin’s success hinges on the talented and passionate team they have built around them. The team has a history of overachieving, with recent accomplishments such as winning the Sakhir GP with Sergio Perez in 2020 and back-to-back fourth-place finishes in the constructors’ championship in 2016 and ’17. These successes indicate that the team retains the core strengths that distinguished them during the Force India and Jordan eras.

This season, which is the third year of the original five-year plan to emerge as a frontrunner, offers the team the potential to take a significant step forward in their journey, with a genuine chance for a podium finish on merit this weekend. However, Alonso remains level-headed, recognizing that 2023 will mark a pivotal point in their journey rather than an early opportunity to challenge for the championship.

Alonso firmly stated that he is not setting his sights on pole position or aiming too high for this weekend. The team’s objective is to qualify for Q3 with both cars and score as many points as possible in the first few races while avoiding mistakes. Alonso recognizes the pressure and adrenaline associated with fighting for top-five positions versus P12 or P14, and that the team must grow together throughout this process. The team is expected to make some mistakes along the way, and they need to keep their feet on the ground.

While the team’s long-term goal is to compete for the championship, Alonso acknowledges that this year is unlikely to be the year to achieve that objective.

Aston Martin Makes Bold F1 Move with Promising Start to 2023 Season Aston Martin Makes Bold F1 Move with Promising Start to 2023 Season Aston Martin Makes Bold F1 Move with Promising Start to 2023 Season Aston Martin Makes Bold F1 Move with Promising Start to 2023 Season