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Gabriele Mini claims pole for Formula 3 Feature race



Gabriele Mini claims pole for Formula 3 Feature race

Rookie driver Gabriele Mini claims pole position for Formula 3 Feature race, ahead of Gabriel Bortoleto in a closely contested qualifying session.

Gabriele Mini, a rookie driver, emerged as the pole position winner in the qualifying session for the upcoming Formula 3 Feature race. He outperformed fellow rookie Gabriel Bortoleto in a closely contested competition.

At the start of the session, with a total of thirty cars on the field, it was inevitable that there would be some jostling for track position. Drivers opted for two build-up laps to generate the required tyre and brake temperature.

Nikita Bedrin initially won the battle for track position, but his time was disqualified due to a sudden turn four snap. Meanwhile, all eyes were on Gabriel Bortoleto of the Trident team, who had demonstrated impressive performance in pre-season testing and earlier practice sessions. Although Bortoleto managed to set the fastest lap time, it was later invalidated as he exceeded the track limits.

Halfway through the session, Gabriele Mini of the Hitech team was leading the timing sheets, with a margin of six-tenths ahead of his teammate, Sebastian Montoya, who is a Red Bull Junior driver.

Initially, the Prema trio had not set any competitive lap times. However, they all briefly appeared in the top five positions, with Zak O’Sullivan setting the fastest lap time for the team and the entire session.

As the track conditions improved, lap times began to decrease. Caio Collet then set the fastest lap time, ahead of Zak O’Sullivan, Gregoire Saucy, Franco Colapinto, and Gabriele Mini. At this point, only two-tenths of a second separated the top five drivers, with 10 minutes remaining in the session.


The Hitech team drivers took advantage of the track’s improving conditions and continued to perform well. Gabriele Mini regained the provisional pole position, with a lead of three-tenths of a second ahead of his teammate Sebastian Montoya. Additionally, Luke Browning managed to move up to fourth place.

Gabriele Mini attempted to widen the gap further by improving his lap time by an additional half-tenth. However, this left him out of sync with the rest of the field. Zak O’Sullivan seemed to be the most likely driver to surpass Mini’s lap time, but he lost control of his car in the final sector, resulting in him finishing in the 10th position.

In the final moments of the session, Gabriele Mini held onto his pole position, despite some intense competition from Gabriel Bortoleto, who finished just 0.06 seconds behind in second place. As a result, the feature race will have an all-rookie front row. Gregoire Saucy qualified in third place, followed by Oliver Goethe and Hugh Barter, completing the top five. The Prema trio of drivers were extremely close in lap times, just two-tenths off Mini’s pace. However, this was only enough for them to secure the 8th position, with 9th and 10th places being occupied by drivers Beganovic and O’Sullivan.

The results of the qualifying.

1Gabriele MiniHitech GP1m47.055s11
2Gabriel BortoletoTrident1m47.112s+0.057s12
3Gregoire SaucyART GP1m47.166s+0.111s10
4Oliver GoetheTrident1m47.190s+0.135s12
5Hugh BarterCampos Racing1m47.274s+0.219s12
6Kaylen FrederickART GP1m47.283s+0.228s11
7Leonardo FornaroliTrident1m47.290s+0.235s12
8Dino BeganovicPrema1m47.320s+0.265s11
9Paul AronPrema1m47.322s+0.267s11
10Caio ColletVAR1m47.371s+0.316s12
11Pepe MartiCampos Racing1m47.391s+0.336s12
12Franco ColapintoMP Motorsport1m47.398s+0.343s12
13Christian MansellCampos Racing1m47.451s+0.396s12
14Sebastian MontoyaHitech GP1m47.476s+0.421s12
15Jonny EdgarMP Motorsport1m47.535s+0.480s12
16Nikola TsolovART GP1m47.593s+0.538s10
17Luke BrowningHitech GP1m47.694s+0.639s12
18Zak O’SullivanPrema1m47.717s+0.662s11
19Mari BoyaMP Motorsport1m47.885s+0.830s12
20Rafael VillagomezVAR1m47.950s+0.895s13
21Ollie GrayCarlin1m48.200s+1.145s12
22Nikita BedrinJenzer Motorsport1m48.203s+1.148


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