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Mercedes debuts game-changing rear wing in Bahrain F1 opener



Mercedes wing Bahrain F1

Mercedes unveiled a new rear wing with medium downforce for the Bahrain Grand Prix, which marks the beginning of the F1 season.

Mercedes has acknowledged that the rear wing they used during Formula 1’s only pre-season test in 2023 was not ideal. Essentially, this means that the team was not able to debut the planned rear wing setup at the start of the 2023 season, which is surprising for a top team.

Considering that the teams have had more than a year to prepare for these regulations, it is expected that they should have a range of wings that provide different downforce levels for each circuit. With varying downforce levels comes different levels of drag, which affects the overall efficiency of the car.

Regardless of the reasons behind the delay, Mercedes has brought their updated rear wing to Bahrain for the race weekend.

During the pre-season testing in Bahrain last week, Mercedes chose to use a large double spoon rear wing for improved data collection and correlation purposes.

According to data from Auto Motor und Sport, Mercedes’ choice to use the large double spoon rear wing during pre-season testing in Bahrain last week, resulted in them being positioned at the bottom of the top speed charts across the three days of running. This decision explains why the team’s ranking in the speed traps was relatively low.

Mike Elliott, the Technical Director of Mercedes, hinted that the team would introduce an alternative rear wing setup for the Bahrain Grand Prix.


On the last day of testing, Mike Elliott mentioned that the rear wing setup used during the pre-season testing may not be the same one the team would use during the actual race, stating, “We were probably not using the wing that we intend to use when we compete.”

As the team geared up for the season opener this weekend, the new rear wing was spotted in the Mercedes garage during preparations on Thursday.

The new rear wing features a single scoop design that generates less downforce and drag, potentially offering a straightline speed advantage to Mercedes.

Following the pre-season testing, Lewis Hamilton identified straightline speed as an area where Mercedes needs to enhance their performance. The seven-time world champion acknowledged that his team has some ground to cover in terms of pace in a straight line.

Both Lewis Hamilton and his teammate George Russell will be anticipating that the introduction of the new rear wing will enable Mercedes to narrow the gap to their rivals, Red Bull and Ferrari.

Mercedes debuts game-changing rear wing in Bahrain F1 opener Mercedes debuts game-changing rear wing in Bahrain F1 opener Mercedes debuts game-changing rear wing in Bahrain F1 opener



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