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Alonso and Aston Martin: The Dark Horse of Formula 1’s 2023 Season?



Alonso and Aston Martin The Dark Horse of Formula 1 2023 Season

Aston Martin could surprise in 2023 despite their 7th place finish in pre-season testing, but team boss Krack warns against premature excitement and emphasizes the importance of remaining grounded.

Fernando Alonso’s experimentation during testing has expanded his knowledge of the car, but sustained success may be challenging for the team due to limited resources and facilities.

Despite team boss Mike Krack dismissing it as mere playground rumors, the most buzzed-about prediction from Formula 1 pre-season testing is that Aston Martin could pull off an early upset in 2023.

Although the team placed seventh in terms of speed and completed a decent number of laps during the three days of testing in Bahrain, the excitement surrounding Aston Martin’s potential early upset in 2023 is not solely based on these headline numbers.

What’s really driving the hype around the AMR23 is not just the team’s performance on paper, but rather the car’s impressive behavior on the track, particularly during its ultra-impressive long run on the final day of testing. Additionally, Fernando Alonso’s apparent excitement about what could be possible this season with the team has also contributed to the glowing praise surrounding the AMR23.

Alonso and Aston Martin: The Dark Horse of Formula 1's 2023 Season?

Krack suggests that the hype surrounding the AMR23 is akin to playground rumors, where one person says something is good, and then it quickly spreads and becomes exaggerated.

Krack emphasizes the importance of remaining grounded and keeping expectations realistic. He acknowledges that at this time of year, when everyone is eager to do well, there’s a tendency to hype up one’s own team and talk down the competition.


Krack maintains a realistic perspective, stating that the team’s primary objective is to improve from their performance last year. He implies that they won’t make any grandiose claims or predictions and will let their performance speak for itself.

The most optimistic take on Aston Martin’s testing performance is that they might begin the season ahead of the midfield and pose a real challenge to two of the established top teams. According to raw long-run analysis, Aston Martin appears to have been a few tenths faster than Mercedes and on par with Ferrari, which is a promising sign.

Krack downplays the significance of the race simulation, stating that while it was not bad, it’s important to keep in mind that the track conditions were favorable. He suggests that it’s premature to draw any definitive conclusions from the testing data and that the team will need to wait and see how things play out during the season.

Krack explains that the track conditions were favorable due to the presence of a lot of rubber on the track, which was caused by other teams using new tires frequently, including soft rubber. This factor likely contributed to the positive performance of the Aston Martin during their race simulation.

Krack emphasizes the importance of putting the positive long runs into the proper context and cautions against getting carried away with premature excitement. He advises against dreaming too big just yet and instead encourages a measured, realistic approach.

While it’s true that there are no miracles in Formula 1, a strong performance from Aston Martin would not be miraculous. The team has not performed as well as expected in recent years, and the addition of Red Bull recruit Dan Fallows to the team’s development approach for 2023 has given them more room for improvement than any other team. As a result, there is potential for Aston Martin to make a significant leap forward in the upcoming season.

Taking into account McLaren’s uncertain performance, Mercedes having a slightly confusing test, and Alpine appearing somewhat enigmatic, it’s plausible that Aston Martin could make a significant jump in the standings this season. The team’s potential improvement, combined with the struggles of other top teams, creates a scenario where Aston Martin could potentially move from seventh in the championship to being considered a top three contender, at least at the start of the season.

It’s worth noting that larger teams such as Ferrari and Mercedes have more resources and a better starting point with their 2022 car, providing them with more room for development compared to Aston Martin. These factors could ultimately play a role in the performance of each team throughout the season.


It’s possible that Aston Martin has already made significant progress and is closer to its ultimate potential, which could explain its strong start during testing. The team appeared more composed and cohesive compared to Mercedes, and Ferrari seemed to require more refinement. However, Krack notes that the AMR23 had its own challenges and did not perform perfectly during testing.

Krack admits that the team had to work on getting the car to perform consistently on different tire compounds, and it wasn’t something that came easily. The team likely had to make adjustments and fine-tune the car throughout testing to achieve the level of performance they ultimately displayed.

One positive aspect of testing was that Fernando Alonso tried out several different things to expand his knowledge and understanding of the car. While some of the things he tried may not have been immediately useful, they were important for gathering information and adding tools to his toolbox for future races. Alonso recognized that what may not be useful at one track could be critical at another, so he wanted to experiment and gain as much knowledge as possible during testing.

Krack notes that Alonso’s experimentation during testing was focused on gaining a better understanding of the car’s capabilities and the various set-up options available to the team. Through his efforts, Alonso developed a more complete understanding of the car and has a better feeling for what adjustments need to be made in different situations. This knowledge will be valuable as the team prepares for the upcoming season.

It’s not entirely unthinkable for Alonso to compete for early season podiums, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that he will qualify in third or fourth place and dominate the established top teams from the outset. The competition in Formula 1 is incredibly fierce, and a lot can happen during a race. However, if Aston Martin continues to improve and refine their performance, it’s not impossible that Alonso could be in contention for a podium finish early in the season.

If the car performs at the upper end of what it showed during testing, it’s not impossible for Alonso and Aston Martin to qualify well and potentially make their way into a top three position during a race, similar to McLaren’s performance in 2021. However, it’s important to keep in mind that sustained success may be more challenging for Aston Martin given their current facilities, which are set to be upgraded with the impending construction of a new factory and wind tunnel. Ultimately, time will tell whether or not Aston Martin can maintain their strong start and become a consistent top performer in the upcoming season.

It’s possible that the first few races of the season may be the strongest part of Aston Martin’s performance, and Alonso will undoubtedly be focused on making the most of this opportunity. Krack has high praise for Alonso, describing him with just one word: “wow.” This suggests that the team has a lot of confidence in Alonso’s abilities and leadership, and they believe he can help drive the team to success in the upcoming season.


Krack expresses satisfaction with Alonso’s performance during testing, noting that he provided positive feedback and consistently pushed himself and the team to improve. He also praises Alonso’s pace, which has been impressive thus far. Overall, the team is very happy with Alonso’s contributions and is looking forward to seeing what he can do during the upcoming season.

Although it’s tempting to speculate about the potential for an Alonso-led Aston Martin to disrupt the established order during the season opener in Bahrain, it’s important to keep in mind that even if the team performs at the level of a lead midfielder, this would still be a significant accomplishment and a strong foundation for future success. Given the challenges facing the team, such as limited resources and facilities, a strong midfield finish would be a commendable achievement and a positive sign for the team’s future prospects.

Alonso and Aston Martin: The Dark Horse of Formula 1's 2023 Season?

It’s worth noting that there is a certain level of potential for Aston Martin at the moment, but if all of the other top teams – Ferrari, Mercedes, Alpine, and McLaren – are able to maximize their resources and performance, they should be ahead of Aston Martin. The competition in Formula 1 is incredibly fierce, and there are many factors that can influence a team’s performance throughout the season. While Aston Martin has shown promise during testing, it remains to be seen how they will perform when it really counts.

Aston Martin finished last season as the sixth-best team in Formula 1, even if they did not quite achieve that position in the championship standings. Among the midfield teams, only Alpine and McLaren appeared to be a step above Aston Martin. This provides some context for the team’s potential for improvement and competitiveness in the upcoming season.

For Aston Martin, achieving a higher position than either Alpine or McLaren in the upcoming season would be a positive outcome. Even surpassing one of those teams would be considered a good result, while surpassing both would be a superb accomplishment. Given the strength of the midfield competition, any progress up the standings would be a notable achievement for the team.

Aston Martin has a history of being one of Formula 1’s great sporadic overachievers, but Krack emphasizes the importance of remaining focused on the team’s goals for the season. The team’s primary objective is to make progress in the performance of the car and the overall team. Krack acknowledges that it’s too early to say whether or not they will achieve this objective, and the team will have to wait and see how things play out during the season.

Alonso and Aston Martin: The Dark Horse of Formula 1’s 2023 Season? Alonso and Aston Martin: The Dark Horse of Formula 1’s 2023 Season? Alonso and Aston Martin: The Dark Horse of Formula 1’s 2023 Season? Alonso and Aston Martin: The Dark Horse of Formula 1’s 2023 Season? Alonso and Aston Martin: The Dark Horse of Formula 1’s 2023 Season? Alonso and Aston Martin: The Dark Horse of Formula 1’s 2023 Season?