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Spanish GP drops chicane



Spanish GP drops chicane

Spanish GP drops chicane for faster layout, creating improved safety measures and overtaking opportunities, while also redesigning pit exit scoreboard.

As Formula 1 returns to a faster layout, the chicane in the Spanish Grand Prix has been removed.

Barcelona, the host of the Spanish Grand Prix in Formula 1, has announced that it will revert to its original fast final two corners by removing the final chicane for the 2023 race in June. The chicane was added in 2007 to increase safety and potentially improve overtaking opportunities by reducing the impact of cars’ aerodynamic turbulence, but it will no longer be used in the upcoming race.

The reintroduction of the old faster layout at the Spanish Grand Prix is expected to be well received by both drivers and fans, as the previous change had not been popular. The current aerodynamic rules in F1 are focused on minimizing the impact of “dirty air” on cars following each other, and it is therefore anticipated that having fast corners leading onto the straight will not hinder overtaking.

In addition, changes made off-track have resulted in the creation of more run-off area in the region, enabling MotoGP to revert to the old layout after using the chicane in 2016-17 following the tragic passing of Moto2 rider Luis Salom in a practice accident at the penultimate corner.

The new Tecpro barriers installed in the corner sequence have led to the homologation of the non-chicane layout for F1, with approval from F1 race director Niels Wittich and FIA head of circuit and rally safety Stuart Robertson. However, the chicane layout has also been homologated and for other motorsport series outside of F1, the choice of layout will be at the discretion of individual promoters or championships.

One of the announced modifications is an expansion of the gravel area and the addition of a “5% slope” and a protective fence at Turn 1, which is expected to significantly enhance the safety of drivers and riders.


Furthermore, the well-known scoreboard at the pit exit has been redesigned.

Spanish GP drops chicane Spanish GP drops chicane