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Piastri unsatisfied with F1 testing



Piastri unsatisfied with F1 testing

Oscar Piastri has expressed some reservations about his recent Formula 1 testing experience, stating that he was not completely satisfied.

After taking part in three days of pre-season testing in Bahrain, Oscar Piastri has acknowledged that he is not entirely satisfied with his performance on the track.

Oscar Piastri will be driving for McLaren in the upcoming Formula 1 season, and the recent pre-season testing in Bahrain gave him his first opportunity to get behind the wheel of the team’s 2023 car.

During the pre-season testing, Piastri shared the driving duties of the MCL60 with his teammate Lando Norris, participating in three separate sessions. However, the test was challenging for the team.

McLaren faced problems during the testing, which led to them covering the fewest number of kilometres among all the teams participating in the event.

Despite the issues faced by the team, the testing was still an important experience for Piastri, as it gave him the opportunity to integrate himself further with his new team, and also allowed him to regain his form after spending a year away from racing.

Regarding his testing experience, Piastri commented, “I believe I have achieved most of my objectives, and I feel well-prepared going into the next week.”


Piastri also acknowledged that there is still room for improvement in his driving, saying, “Although I have had a day and a half in the car, I don’t think I’m entirely satisfied with my performance. However, it is natural that I won’t be completely comfortable at this stage.”

He also mentioned that he is making progress and improving with each day, stating, “I’m pleased with the progress I made during the three days of testing.”

Despite not being completely comfortable with the new car and his driving, Piastri acknowledged that he made progress and improved over the course of the three-day F1 testing in Bahrain.

Piastri is one of only two rookies on the 2023 F1 grid, alongside Logan Sargeant of Williams, with potentially a third rookie (if Lance Stroll is unable to race in Bahrain) to join them.

During the McLaren launch, Piastri acknowledged the challenge that awaited him due to the limited seat time available for testing.

Piastri’s pre-season running was completed by the middle of the final day.

Piastri said of the test, “I feel like I’ve had good moments here and there, but putting it all together is an area for improvement, let’s say.”

Piastri reflected on his performance during the pre-season testing, saying that while he had some good moments, he still has areas for improvement. He admitted that his spin on Saturday morning was not one of the good moments, but overall, he felt that the testing had gone well for him.


Piastri has stated that his understanding of the car is good and he has had some good moments during the F1 pre-season testing. However, he noted that there is still room for improvement, and the limited number of laps available did not give him enough opportunities to improve his performance on the track.

Piastri unsatisfied F1 testing Piastri unsatisfied F1 testing Piastri unsatisfied F1 testing