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McLaren faces tough start as Norris punches wall in frustration



McLaren Norris punches wall

Lando Norris punches wall due to McLaren’s tough pre-season test. MCL60 car has drag and wheel issues. Croft speculates future.

Lando Norris expresses his frustration by punching a wall, following a difficult pre-season test for McLaren in Formula 1.

According to reports, Lando Norris resorted to punching a wall out of frustration at the conclusion of a disappointing pre-season test for McLaren in Formula 1.

McLaren appears to be facing a challenging start to the upcoming season, as they have struggled once again during a grueling three-day test in Bahrain, marking the second time in the last 12 months.

The MCL60, McLaren’s 2023 car, has been hindered by excessive drag, and the team has also been grappling with ongoing issues related to the wheel brows, which have significantly limited their track time during testing.

During the final day of testing, Lando Norris could only secure the 11th position, while his new rookie teammate, Oscar Piastri, finished in the 16th spot.

Will Buxton, an F1 presenter, has disclosed that Lando Norris was visibly agitated and disheartened at the conclusion of the tough pre-season test. Norris’ frustration was apparent after the disappointing results.


According to Buxton, “As a matter of fact, I witnessed Lando Norris leaving the garage and heading towards the adjacent driver’s room. In an uncharacteristic move, he punched the flimsy, makeshift wall while walking through.”

Buxton also noted that Norris’ punch was not forceful enough to cause any significant damage to the wall, but it was a clear indication of his frustration. Buxton further added that the incident highlighted that something was amiss and that Norris was not entirely content with the team’s performance during the pre-season test.

During McLaren’s launch earlier this month, Lando Norris, who signed a long-term contract that extends until 2025, expressed his willingness to be patient and wait for the British team to re-establish themselves as a championship-winning squad in Formula 1.

Given that McLaren is facing a difficult start to the year, Lando Norris’ future with the team has been once again brought into the spotlight.

David Croft, a Sky Sports F1 commentator, has suggested that after a frustrating pre-season, Lando Norris might be questioning his position within McLaren.

In response to a question from his Sky colleague Craig Slater, David Croft commented that he thinks Lando Norris may be considering the possibility of moving to one of Formula 1’s more prominent teams and might be signaling, “come and get me.”

Croft further noted that McLaren had downplayed their expectations before the pre-season testing in Bahrain, but the news is that the team may have fallen further behind, which could be a cause for concern for Lando Norris.


So far, Lando Norris has publicly restated his commitment to McLaren.

Lando Norris affirmed his loyalty to McLaren in an interview with Sky F1 at the conclusion of the second day of testing, saying, “I’m still here for a few more years because I want to be.” He further stated that he didn’t sign a long-term contract with the expectation that they would win championships right away.

Norris also added that he understands that the process of becoming a championship-winning team involves a journey, and that they need to work on improving their current setup to reach their ultimate goal.

Lando Norris stated that he and McLaren considered all possibilities when signing his contract, including the likelihood that it might take longer than his deal’s duration to achieve their objectives. However, Norris emphasized that he is not presently concerned about that aspect.

Norris acknowledged that he is not a very patient person, but he is content with the team’s plans and the progress they have made so far.

McLaren Norris punches wall McLaren Norris punches wall McLaren Norris punches wall