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Hamilton Seeks Reassurances Amid Mercedes’ Struggles



Hamilton Seeks Reassurances Amid Mercedes Struggles

Lewis Hamilton seeks reassurance from Mercedes amidst concerns over their F1 2023 form, according to Sky Sports commentator David Croft.

According to David Croft of Sky, Lewis Hamilton will be seeking information about Mercedes’ performance in F1 2023.

David Croft, the commentator for Sky Sports F1, has expressed his belief that Lewis Hamilton will be inquiring and seeking reassurances following Mercedes’ underwhelming beginning to the 2023 season.

Mercedes encountered difficulties during pre-season testing in Bahrain, as a hydraulic problem cut short George Russell’s participation on the second day.

In addition, Mercedes experienced a problem with a “loss of downforce” which they were unable to account for.

On day three of testing, things improved for Mercedes, as Russell and Hamilton demonstrated better speed on the softer tires.

The hierarchy of teams going into Bahrain remains uncertain, although numerous individuals have predicted that Red Bull will have a significant advantage.


It appears that Ferrari is poised to be the closest competitor to Red Bull, with Mercedes expected to be the third-fastest team.

Given that Hamilton is still striving to attain a record-breaking eighth world title, Croft thinks that Mercedes’ performance could be a matter of concern.

Croft stated, “There will be many inquiries,” and he added, “If you’re Lewis Hamilton and his team, you have an excellent connection with Mercedes, but if you’re aiming for that eighth World Championship, you do want to make sure that everything is in order.”

He continued, “You will seek assurances that what could have been a minor setback last year will not turn into a more long-term issue, with this year’s car being equally problematic as the W13 was.”

McLaren faced difficulties during testing as well, implying that it may be another challenging season for Lando Norris.

Croft implied that given McLaren’s expected difficulties, Norris may need to explore other options.

Croft added, “I believe he might be [concerned], because the narrative of the testing period so far, and McLaren was downplaying expectations ahead of our arrival in Bahrain, is that McLaren may have fallen even further behind as we begin the season. That is a source of concern for Lando.”


Hamilton Seeks Reassurances Amid Mercedes’ Struggles Hamilton Seeks Reassurances Amid Mercedes’ Struggles Hamilton Seeks Reassurances Amid Mercedes’ Struggles