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Ocon Criticizes Drive to Survive for Manipulating Reality for Entertainment



Ocon Drive to Survive

Esteban Ocon Voices Concerns Over Drive to Survive’s Manipulation of Reality for Entertainment Purposes.

F1 driver Esteban Ocon is concerned about the accuracy of Netflix’s “Drive to Survive” season, which he claims occasionally distorts reality for entertainment value.

The show faced criticism from the F1 community for an overly dramatic portrayal of the 2022 season, causing drivers to withhold their participation.

While Ocon recognizes the importance of entertainment, he believes the show should accurately represent the sport. This calls for a balance between entertainment and accuracy in the show.

According to Esteban Ocon, the most recent season of Drive to Survive continues to manipulate reality in order to provide entertainment value.

Upon its release on Friday, the producers of Drive to Survive were criticized by members of the F1 community for what they perceived as an overly dramatic depiction of the 2022 season.

As a result of those concerns, Max Verstappen and other drivers chose not to participate in the show until those issues were addressed.


In contrast, Ocon has indicated that the show still occasionally strays from reality.

On Friday, the French driver expressed to the media, including, that he believes the show does not accurately depict reality. He stated, “I don’t think it’s reflecting reality.”

Ocon used the example of his 8th place finish at the French Grand Prix and how he remarked that it felt like a victory to him. He found it odd that the show did not include that quote, suggesting that it is an instance where the series does not accurately reflect the drivers’ experiences.

Ocon clarified that he may have made a similar statement in the past after a stronger finish, such as his 5th place in Austria or 4th place in Japan, but not after finishing 8th in France. This further highlights his concern that the show may exaggerate or manipulate the drivers’ emotions and experiences for dramatic effect.

Last year, drivers expressed their apprehensions regarding their portrayal in the show, which led to F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali getting involved in the matter.

Last March, Stefano Domenicali made a statement on the issue, stating that a driver who refuses to participate due to feeling misrepresented is not being productive. He emphasized the importance of engaging in a dialogue to better comprehend how the driver can be included in a format that is perceived as accurate.

He also mentioned that the matter would be discussed collaboratively with the drivers, indicating a willingness to listen to their concerns and work towards finding a solution that is satisfactory to everyone involved.


Domenicali added that it is important to maintain a language in the show that continues to captivate audiences, while also ensuring that the image and significance of the sport are not distorted. He acknowledged that the show has generated immense interest and emphasized the need to strike a balance between entertainment and accuracy.

Despite his concerns regarding the accuracy of the show, Ocon acknowledges the necessity for entertainment value. While he was taken aback by the way his words were presented in the series, he understands the importance of creating an engaging and captivating show that appeals to a wider audience.

Ocon recognizes that some aspects of the show may feel peculiar or unfamiliar, but ultimately accepts that it is a part of the program. He expressed his appreciation for being featured on a highly watched platform, stating that he believes it is incredible.

Regarding the use of his comments in the show, Ocon clarified that he is not complaining about it. However, he does not want to give the impression that he is content with an 8th place finish, as his original statement was taken out of context and used in a way that misrepresented his true feelings.

Ocon reiterated that his ultimate goal is to win, and that he does not strive for an 8th place finish. However, he acknowledges that the use of his comments for entertainment purposes is acceptable, as long as it does not misrepresent the reality of the sport.

Ocon Praises Improved Balance of Alpine A523 F1 Car

Ocon Drive to Survive

Esteban Ocon, driver for Alpine, stated that the team’s new car, the Alpine A523, is much better balanced than last year’s model, but he remained tight-lipped about any possible weaknesses. After two successful runs on Thursday and Friday, Ocon expressed his excitement to delve deeper into the car’s details on Friday.

Ocon mentioned that the car is much more stable when entering a turn, providing more confidence to the driver. Although he did not want to divulge any specific weaknesses, Ocon believes the car is in a much better position than it was last year. Ocon is looking forward to the last run, where they will work on the final details before the Grand Prix.


Ocon Criticizes Drive to Survive Ocon Criticizes Drive to Survive Ocon Criticizes Drive to Survive