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Hülkenberg Ready for F1 Comeback with Haas after Positive Tests



Hulkenberg Ready for F1 Comeback with Haas after Positive Tests

Nico Hülkenberg is in harmony with the VF-23 after testing and ready for his F1 comeback with Haas. He’s excited to race and analyzing the data from the tests. He has racing DNA and progressed well during testing. He’s unsure where Haas stands in the hierarchy and enjoyed working with his teammate.

After the tests, Hülkenberg feels ‘in harmony’ with the VF-23 and is ready for his comeback as a Haas F1 driver.

Nico Hülkenberg is now ready for his big comeback as a full-time driver in Formula 1 next week, having completed his winter testing this morning in Bahrain as a Haas F1 driver. The 35-year-old driver completed an additional 77 laps behind the wheel of the VF-23 before monitoring Kevin Magnussen’s progress in the afternoon.

“These tests are now over for me and they went well. We have accumulated kilometers and I think I got what I wanted in terms of feeling with the car. I feel in harmony with it, so it’s good news,” said the German driver.

“Of course, all the teams have collected a lot of data that will be analyzed in the coming days. On our side, we have tried many very interesting things and I have a lot of information to study myself. So far, everything is going well,” he added.

Hulkenberg Ready for F1 Comeback with Haas after Positive Tests

“I wouldn’t say it’s like I never left Formula 1, but I’ve been racing all my life, so I have racing DNA in me. I know what to do from the moment we start working and the instincts are still there. So, I felt good from the first lap, and then I progressed throughout these three days, and I’m happy about that,” he explained.

“I’m certainly excited to be back on the starting grid full-time. It’s nice to be a full-time driver rather than a reserve driver, so I’m looking forward to it. I will now stay here for the next five days to relax and train, and then it will be time to activate ‘race mode’,” he said.


He stated that he has no idea about Haas F1’s position in the hierarchy and cannot provide any information on it. “I haven’t seen what the others have been doing during these tests. I was busy driving the car or observing what my teammate was doing, so we will have all these answers next week,” he stated.

He said he likes working with Kevin despite their limited interaction due to his busy schedule managing press and engineering matters while Kevin is in the car.

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