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Hamilton – Mercedes Still Grappling with Balance Limitations



Hamilton Mercedes Still Grappling

Hamilton opens up about Mercedes’ ongoing battle with balance limitations in the new W14 car during pre-season testing.

According to Hamilton, Mercedes is still experiencing some of the “balance limitations” from last year.

Lewis Hamilton has stated that the Mercedes W14 car still possesses some of the “balance limitations” from the previous year.

During the early session yesterday, the Mercedes driver appeared to have difficulty with the rear of his W14 car. Prior to taking over the car for the final session of testing, Hamilton spoke at a press conference and mentioned that the team was attempting to resolve some of the balance issues that had affected both their 2022 machine and the current car.

Hamilton spoke to various media outlets, including F1Lead, and explained that the team is currently addressing certain issues. He mentioned that some of the balance limitations experienced by the team in the previous year are still present and that they are currently working to resolve them.

During today’s early session, Hamilton’s teammate George Russell completed 83 laps, which helped to compensate for the track time that was lost during Friday’s evening session due to a hydraulic failure in the final hours. Hamilton acknowledged that the testing process has not been smooth sailing for Mercedes so far.

Hamilton expressed his thoughts on the testing so far, stating that it was challenging to summarize. He mentioned that the team has faced a couple of challenging days during the testing period.


Hamilton went on to explain that the previous day had been particularly tough for the team, while the first day had been relatively better. He noted that his teammate George had a better morning session today, similar to the first day. Hamilton mentioned that he was set to take over in the car in half an hour and expressed hope that the setup of the car would be in a better place.

Despite the difficulties faced by the team with the new W14 car, Hamilton stated that the excessive porpoising issue that was a problem in the previous car has been almost entirely eliminated.

Hamilton explained that the excessive bouncing issue that the team experienced with the previous car has been significantly improved. He mentioned that at present, the bouncing problem has almost entirely disappeared, which is a massive development for the team.

Hamilton expressed his satisfaction with the current state of the car, stating that it’s a relief to drive without the excessive bouncing. However, he mentioned that there are still some underlying issues that the team is addressing and working to resolve.

Hamilton mentioned that the positive mindset displayed by the Mercedes team despite the disappointment of the previous season and the challenges faced during the pre-season has motivated him.

Hamilton expressed his pride in the team for maintaining a positive attitude, especially after a challenging year in the previous season. He also acknowledged the incredible work done by the team during the winter to ensure that they could arrive at the testing session and cover significant mileage despite the challenges they have faced.

Hamilton also mentioned that the Mercedes team has consistently displayed an unwavering mental focus and determination to address any challenges they encounter, which is one of the reasons he enjoys being a part of the team. He expressed his admiration for the team’s hard work and dedication, both in the offices and the garage, and is hopeful that they will overcome the current challenges they are facing.


Lewis Hamilton Opposes Proposed Ban of F1 Tyre Blankets for 2024 Season

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion, is opposed to the proposed ban of tyre blankets for the 2024 season. Tyre blankets are used to preheat the tyres before they are attached to the car, and each compound has a specific operating window.

Tyres are extremely sensitive to temperature, and at low temperatures, drivers are prone to spinning as the tyres are unable to generate grip.

F1 has previously attempted to ban tyre blankets, but the proposal is being considered for the 2024 season. Hamilton has tested the no-blanket option and is convinced it is dangerous and will lead to incidents.

He stated that it is a pointless exercise and that it is more sustainable to keep the blankets since driving multiple laps is required to get the tyres to work.

Max Verstappen from Red Bull previously noted that other challengers in racing series that do not use tyre blankets have less power and weigh less than F1 machinery.

Carlos Sainz from Ferrari also questioned the ban of tyre blankets, and his concerns stem from burning more fuel, generating more tyres, and risks with the lower ride height cars.


Hamilton Mercedes Still Grappling Hamilton Mercedes Still Grappling Hamilton Mercedes Still Grappling