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Drugovich Ready for Aston Martin F1



Drugovich Ready for Aston Martin F1

Felipe Drugovich, Aston Martin F1 reserve driver, has gained valuable experience at winter testing in Bahrain. He is ready to step in for Lance Stroll if necessary, but hopes for his quick recovery. The team has shown positive energy and is pushing to improve.

Drugovich feels ready if Aston Martin F1 needs him. The Brazilian driver got back behind the wheel of the AMR23 this morning.

After having already driven on Thursday morning, Felipe Drugovich returned to the wheel of the AMR23 this morning in Bahrain before handing over to Fernando Alonso. As the reserve driver for Aston Martin F1, he has thus accumulated valuable additional experience.

“We started with some aerodynamic tests before I did some faster runs. This allowed me to learn more about the car, how it behaves, and to prepare myself if the team ever needs me. And of course, my goal was also to help the team find the best possible balance,” Drugovich explained.

Aston Martin F1 has made a good impression during these winter tests, and Drugovich confirms that the energy is also very positive within the team.

“Everyone has a good mindset and wants to take a step forward. You can certainly see the team pushing, and it’s good to see,” Drugovich added.

The reigning F2 champion could make his Formula 1 debut next week, although nothing is certain at the moment. However, Drugovich is ready to step in for Lance Stroll if needed.


“I certainly did not expect to drive this week, but I have no news regarding my possible participation in the race. It all depends on Lance’s condition, and I will be ready just in case. However, I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he returns soon,” Drugovich stated.

Drugovich Ready for Aston Martin F1 Drugovich Ready for Aston Martin F1

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