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De Vries impresses with excellent reliability in AlphaTauri F1 testing



De Vries impresses with excellent reliability in AlphaTauri F1 testing

Nyck de Vries finished his winter testing with AlphaTauri after completing almost 90 laps, showing “excellent reliability”. He conducted numerous long runs and simulations, and the team’s objectives are to improve and compete in the midfield.

Nyck de Vries concluded his testing with nearly 90 additional laps, demonstrating “excellent reliability” for AlphaTauri’s F1 team.

Nyck de Vries has now finished his winter testing, having driven for AlphaTauri this morning before passing the wheel to his teammate Yuki Tsunoda.

Although the Dutch driver posted the slowest time of the day, the main focus was elsewhere as he completed an impressive 87 laps, covering a significant distance during his testing.

“We conducted numerous long runs as part of a race simulation,” stated De Vries.

“I think we ticked many boxes in our program. We completed a lot of laps over the past few days, the reliability has been excellent, and we learned a lot while trying different things. Now it’s all about putting everything together for next week,” said De Vries.

“The communication with my new team was established right from the start. We spent time together to know what to expect from each other, and I think everything has gone very well so far. Additionally, this car is more of an evolution than a revolution,” said De Vries.


“My testing is now over, and I feel good, I am ready. I am looking forward to the first race of the season,” said De Vries.

“The team’s objectives and mine are similar. We want to raise our level of play and be more competitive than last year. We want to fight in the midfield to score points. The gaps seem very close, so we will need to attack 100% to make a difference,” said De Vries.

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