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Aston Martin has taken a significant stride forward



Aston Martin stride forward

Aston Martin made significant progress, caught attention during winter testing, and looks competitive, according to its competitors and former drivers. The midfield is highly competitive.

As the new season approaches, Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull, has joined the increasing group of Aston Martin’s competitors who are acknowledging their car’s impressive performance.

With the exception of a short pause early in the testing, the AMR23 has been running consistently. This new car represents a significant deviation from its forerunner and has completed laps just half a second slower than the fastest time set by Red Bull’s reserve driver, Felipe Drugovich.

According to Horner, Aston Martin has continued the momentum they gained from their successful conclusion to the 2022 season and he believes they have made significant progress this year. “I think they’ve taken a significant step,” he informed Sky.

Horner noted that Aston Martin’s car concept appears to be advancing, and they seem to be quite close to achieving their objectives. He also mentioned that Fernando, in particular, seems to be displaying an impressive level of competitiveness.

In the previous season, Haas concluded the constructors championship just one spot behind Aston Martin. Kevin Magnussen, their driver, also thinks that the team from Silverstone is in a strong position for the upcoming season.

Magnussen expressed his opinion, saying, “Aston Martin appears to be quick. They have been consistently delivering strong long runs, and when they attempt to set a fast lap time, they appear to be successful. It appears that they have made significant progress.”

Esteban Ocon, who was a former driver for Aston Martin’s predecessor, Force India, believes that his former team has begun the 2023 season on a positive note, even though it is challenging to assess the testing times.


Ocon acknowledged that it is too early to draw firm conclusions, saying, “It’s still early to make a definite judgment. These cars can quickly shift from being five seconds slower to five seconds faster in one go, making it difficult to determine the fuel loads accurately. Although we can observe the tires, we cannot know the energy management and engine mode they’re using. However, from what I can see, they certainly seem competitive at the moment.”

Ocon has recently reunited with his former Force India team principal, Otmar Szafnauer, at Alpine. As Alpine’s team principal, Szafnauer has been keeping a close eye on not just Aston Martin, but also on their other competitors.

Szafnauer expressed his concerns regarding the highly competitive midfield, saying, “I am feeling apprehensive about all the teams in the midfield. It’s not just Aston Martin that we need to outperform.”

Szafnauer stated that when regulations remain stable, all the teams tend to converge, and then it becomes other factors that determine success. To lead the midfield, a team must do many things correctly. Therefore, he is not just worried about Aston Martin, but he is anxious about all the teams in the midfield.

Aston Martin stride forward Aston Martin stride forward Aston Martin stride forward

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