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Alpine F1 Optimistic Despite Not Running Low Fuel Tests



Alpine F1 Optimistic Despite Not Running Low Fuel Tests

Alpine F1 deliberately avoided low fuel runs during winter testing. Director Szafnauer is optimistic about the team’s potential based on positive feedback from drivers and good pace on long runs. Focusing on long runs ensures reliability and allows the team to carry out their testing program.

Alpine F1 acknowledges not having driven with low fuel during the tests, and Szafnauer explains his optimism.

Alpine F1 didn’t make an impressive lap time during the winter tests, but according to their director Otmar Szafnauer, there’s a simple reason behind it. The French team deliberately avoided driving with low fuel, and he explained the rationale behind this decision.

“We haven’t run on empty yet, so we’ll see what we can do on a lap,” said Szafnauer, who is optimistic about his team’s potential.

“My optimism comes from the fact that our pace on long runs looks good. And we have had positive feedback from our drivers, who are satisfied with the car’s predictability and lack of fundamental flaws. However, there is still work to be done,” he said.

Szafnauer also added that focusing exclusively on long runs was also a guarantee of reliability.

“This allows you to carry out your testing program as planned and learn from it. And one of the reasons why we didn’t drive with low fuel is that there is a lot to learn and experiment with during these three days. Running with little fuel comes at a cost, and we didn’t want to take the risk,” he said.


“Numbers are relative, including those from our simulation tools. You have to compare them with others, and we don’t know what the others have done. So, we’ll see in a week, but I’m relatively happy that what we’re seeing on the track matches what the numbers were saying,” he said.

Szafnauer, the director of Alpine F1, explained that he is optimistic because their long-run performance has been good, and both Ocon and Gasly are satisfied with the A523 car’s predictability and lack of flaws.

Although there were some reliability issues during the testing, the overall reliability has been impressive. Alpine has avoided low-fuel runs to maximize learning opportunities and testing program due to its high cost.

Alpine F1 Optimistic Despite Alpine F1 Optimistic Despite Alpine F1 Optimistic Despite

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