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Mercedes remains reserved but enthusiastic during F1 testing



Mercedes remains reserved but enthusiastic during F1 testing

Toto Wolff expresses that Mercedes is still being somewhat reserved as they test in F1, but also conveys their enthusiasm.

During F1 pre-season testing in Bahrain, Toto Wolff disclosed that Mercedes is currently keeping some of their performance under wraps by “hiding a little bit”.

The 2023 F1 season has kicked off with three days of testing in the desert preceding the season opener scheduled for the upcoming weekend.

Although uncertainties surrounding factors such as fuel loads and engine settings make it challenging to accurately assess each team’s performance, it appears that Mercedes is in a more favorable position compared to last year.

The 2022 season was difficult for Mercedes due to porpoising issues that adversely affected their performance throughout the year.

During the morning session on the second day of testing in Bahrain, Wolff acknowledged that Red Bull and Ferrari are currently showing good pace. However, he maintained that Mercedes has further room for improvement.

Wolff commented that it is not surprising to see Red Bull and Ferrari displaying good pace in testing, considering that every team is manipulating fuel loads and concealing engine modes to some extent.

Wolff added that Mercedes is also keeping some of their potential performance concealed and that it is crucial to consider the impact of softer tires when assessing their competitiveness.


Given Mercedes’ improved position in comparison to last year, Wolff expressed that the entire team is currently feeling excited.

Wolff emphasized that there is a sense of excitement within the team because they want to contend for a championship this year after struggling in the previous season. However, he also stressed the importance of remaining humble despite their aspirations.

Wolff acknowledged that starting the previous season with a car that was not up to par was challenging mentally for the team. However, he expressed optimism that this year would be different and that the team is excited to improve. He also noted that the porpoising issue that plagued Mercedes in 2022 has been resolved.

In the morning session, Lewis Hamilton ranked eighth overall and was almost 1.5 seconds slower than Carlos Sainz, who set the fastest time.

Wolff acknowledged that the W14 car had an unbalanced setup.

Wolff explained that when the car was unbalanced, it was leaving black marks during acceleration. He attributed this to the high temperatures and the team’s ongoing process of finding the optimal setup for the new car.

Wolff agreed that the lack of grip from the rear of the car was causing Hamilton’s difficulty in driving and not due to his overdriving. He noted that addressing this issue is a crucial aspect of the team’s development process.


Mercedes enthusiastic F1 testing Mercedes enthusiastic F1 testing Mercedes enthusiastic F1 testing

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