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Drive To Survive Season 5 features intense Wolff-Horner exchange



Netflix -Drive To Survive Season 5 features intense Wolff Horner exchange

Netflix has released the fifth season of its popular documentary series “Drive To Survive,” which features a particularly intense argument between Red Bull team principal Christian Horner and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff.

The new season of Netflix’s “Drive To Survive” will reportedly feature an exchange between Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, and Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff.

Horner was filmed speaking to the show’s cameras about his opinions on Mercedes’ potential struggles should Lewis Hamilton retire. He claimed that Mercedes would be “exposed” if this were to happen and expressed his belief that he saw “cracks” in Wolff’s performance during the previous season.

Horner was also filmed discussing Hamilton’s future, questioning who Mercedes would be able to take on if the British driver decided to retire. Meanwhile, Wolff was shown becoming angry in a meeting with Horner, demanding new rules to protect against porpoising at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Horner, however, insisted that this was an issue for Mercedes to resolve themselves.

Speaking about Wolff’s response in the meeting, Horner suggested that the Mercedes boss had shown signs of self-doubt, which he claimed was a common response when suddenly finding oneself not competing at the highest level.

Former Ferrari boss, Mattia Binotto, added a cryptic comment about Wolff, suggesting that he may have been under pressure due to the team’s performance or certain promises he had made.


Mercedes had a difficult season in 2022, only winning one race with George Russell and struggling to provide Hamilton with the machinery necessary to compete with Max Verstappen.

Horner commented on the team’s struggles, stating that while other teams were making progress, Mercedes was making a mess. He claimed that the current situation was unfamiliar territory for Wolff, who was previously used to dominating the field, and added that Mercedes had previously “annihilated the opposition.”

Horner and Wolff will renew their rivalry in 2023, with “Drive To Survive” set to offer further insight into the heated exchange between the two F1 team principals.

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