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De Vries’ Feedback Spurs AlphaTauri’s 2023 Car Overhaul



De Vries AlphaTauri Overhaul

AlphaTauri Credits De Vries’ Feedback for 2023 Car Overhaul After Falling to Ninth in 2022 Season Due to Overweight Vehicle

According to AlphaTauri team principal Tost, new driver Nyck de Vries “complained a lot” about their previous chassis, which emboldened the team to pursue drastic changes for their new car in 2023.

During the course of last season, AlphaTauri’s new driver for 2023 drove all four Mercedes-powered cars, which gave him valuable insight into their rivals’ handling qualities.

Nyck de Vries then participated in the post-season test at Yas Marina, where he was able to sample AlphaTauri’s 2022 car and help the team understand its shortcomings by “complaining a lot”, according to team principal Tost.

According to AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost, Nyck de Vries’ complaints about their previous chassis after his first test with the team were a “wake-up call” that led to drastic changes in their new 2023 car design. De Vries had driven all four Mercedes-powered cars during the 2022 season, giving him valuable insight into their rivals’ handling qualities.

He then tested AlphaTauri’s 2022 car during the post-season test at Yas Marina, which allowed him to help the team understand the car’s shortcomings.

Tost said that with a new driver, they always expect some technical input and ideas, and they were lucky that De Vries had experience with many teams and cars.


AlphaTauri is hoping to provide their new driver Nyck de Vries with a more competitive car this season after the Dutchman provided valuable feedback about the team’s previous chassis.

De Vries drove all four Mercedes-powered cars in 2022 and tested AlphaTauri’s 2022 car in the post-season test at Yas Marina. His feedback was a “wake-up call” for the team’s engineers, according to AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost.

The team has made drastic changes to their new car for 2023 and is hoping to perform better with the help of de Vries’ technical input.

AlphaTauri left the test with a lot to do, but Tost said he was pleased.

According to Tost, De Vries’ feedback helped convince AlphaTauri’s engineering team to make significant changes to their new car, following a disappointing 2022 season in which the team fell to ninth in the championship due to an overweight car.

Tost mentioned that the AlphaTauri team had a disappointing season last year and fell to ninth place in the championship.

However, Nyck de Vries’ feedback played a role in convincing the engineering team to change their approach with the new car.


Tost commented, “It was quite amusing to see the engineers arguing in favor of our solutions, while I kept reminding them of our position in the constructors championship.”

It seems that there is a typo in your question as you referred to a driver named “de Vries” whereas in the article, the driver’s name is “Liam Lawson”. Could you please confirm which driver you meant to ask about?

That statement shows confidence in De Vries and his ability to make a strong start to his Formula 1 career.

According to Tost, AlphaTauri should be able to move up at least three positions in the championship standings. However, he stated that this is dependent on how well the car performs.

Based on the data we have, it appears that our engineers have done good work during the winter months. However, we’ll need to verify this by testing their performance at the race track.

Despite the challenge, I anticipate that we will realistically place within the top six. While achieving a position within the top five may be more difficult, it’s not a cause for concern. Our primary goal is to secure a position within the top six.

He acknowledged that in the previous year, their team wasn’t competitive and they faced significant challenges. The car they used was too heavy, they lacked proficiency on the aerodynamic aspect and made other errors. He expressed a hope that these issues would be avoided this year.


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