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Get ready for an unstoppable Red Bull in the upcoming 2023 F1 season



Red Bull 2023 F1 season

Get ready for an unstoppable Red Bull in the upcoming 2023 F1 season, as there are compelling reasons why they could dominate the competition.

Ted Kravitz, Sky Sports F1 pit lane reporter, has expressed his belief that Red Bull is poised to become practically invincible in the 2023 season, and he cites three key reasons for his prediction.

After clinching both world championship titles in 2022 for the first time since 2013, Red Bull is aiming to maintain their dominance in the upcoming season. Led by Max Verstappen, who secured his second consecutive drivers’ crown after winning a remarkable 15 out of 22 races, the team is eager to build on their success and continue to set the standard in F1.

Red Bull is preparing to defend their title against a resurgent Ferrari team, who are looking to mount a renewed challenge. Meanwhile, Mercedes is hoping that their revamped W14 challenger will help Lewis Hamilton and George Russell regain their form and return to championship contention after a disappointing performance in the previous year.

Despite the challenges from their rivals, Kravitz anticipates that Red Bull will continue to be the team to beat in the upcoming season, as he has identified three critical advantages that they possess.

While details about Red Bull’s RB19 remain mostly undisclosed, Kravitz has offered some insights into the team’s latest car.

According to Kravitz, Red Bull is expected to unveil the lightweight chassis that was reportedly in development during the previous season, but was not used in any races.


Weight was identified as a weakness of Red Bull’s RB18, but the team is likely to benefit from an immediate performance boost in the upcoming season.

Kravitz revealed that Red Bull will begin the 2023 season with the lightweight chassis that they had developed towards the end of the previous year but had not raced. This will serve as the foundation for their car design in the upcoming races.

He further explained that Red Bull will continue to develop the lightweight chassis throughout the season, allowing them to stay under the weight limit and add ballast where needed to achieve optimal balance and performance.

Although Red Bull received a 10% reduction in their aerodynamic testing allowance as a penalty for violating the F1 cost cap in 2021, Kravitz believes that the team will not feel the full effects of this sanction until later in the season or possibly even in 2024.

Red Bull 2023 F1 season

Kravitz clarified that Red Bull had already completed all the necessary design and research work before the restrictions were imposed due to their violation of the cost cap agreement. The penalty, therefore, will not have a significant impact on the team’s early-season preparations.

He added that the effects of the penalty would only start to become noticeable towards the end of the current season and in the following year.

Ted also contends that Red Bull has the most formidable driver line-up in the entire F1 grid, which includes the sport’s most in-form driver, Verstappen.

Kravitz referred to the reigning world champion as the “third component” of Red Bull’s “secret weapon” for achieving success in the 2023 season.


Ted affirmed that Red Bull currently has the most outstanding driver on the grid in terms of performance, surpassing even Lewis Hamilton’s abilities.

He added that we have not witnessed the championship form of Lewis Hamilton recently, as he has not been in the running for the title since the end of the previous season, which was marred by controversy.

Ted asserted that Verstappen’s current exceptional form is the third element of Red Bull’s secret weapon that could make them practically invincible in the upcoming season.

Behind Honda’s Latest F1 Powertrains Development

Honda Racing Corporation’s Tetsushi Kakuda, who serves as the executive chief engineer and Formula 1 project leader, has clarified how the team’s newest powertrains for Red Bull and AlphaTauri have been developed due to changes in regulations and a development freeze.

According to Kakuda, all power unit manufacturers gave importance to performance in their development last year, including Honda. Honda aimed to recover the performance loss caused by the regulation change, which introduced E10 fuel. However, this caused an increase in the engine’s internal load, leading to a compromise in reliability, resulting in various issues that surfaced during the 2022 season.

Besides addressing existing issues, Honda has also been focusing on developing wider strategies by identifying the limits of each component and maximizing their potential at its research and development facility in Sakura, Japan. The team has deepened its comprehension of the power unit to further enhance control and energy management. Moreover, the team has become more adept at electrification technologies, where it enjoyed a clear advantage last year, particularly in the deployment of the MGU-K.


Kakuda believes that the team is fully prepared for the upcoming pre-season tests starting this week.

Red Bull 2023 F1 season Red Bull 2023 F1 season Red Bull 2023 F1 season


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