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Rivals Keep a Close Eye on Ferrari’s Innovative Designs



Ferrari innovations scrutiny rivals

Even before the commencement of the new F1 season, rival teams have taken notice of Ferrari’s 2023 car. The SF-23 has a distinct S-Duct concept that has become a point of contention among teams, as per Italian publication

The FIA has been approached to address the legality of this innovation before the season begins.

Ferrari has updated their S-Duct mechanism to enhance the airflow towards the rear of their car. The intricacy of the system and its interdependence with the overall chassis design make it a challenging task for competitors to replicate.

This is just one of the many inquiries that the FIA is expected to receive this season, as the recent aerodynamic regulations have given rise to new areas of ambiguity. Throughout F1’s history, technical innovations have always been a hotly contested topic among teams seeking to take advantage of the ambiguities in the regulations.

In the last season, Mercedes attracted attention when they arrived at the second pre-season test in Bahrain with an unconventional “zero sidepod” solution. Ferrari was taken aback by some of the aerodynamic solutions employed by Mercedes and urged for an end to their “spaceship” mirrors.

The FIA prohibited the contentious wing designs of Mercedes and Aston Martin for the 2023 season.

Ferrari has now become the center of attention after their flamboyant launch event, where they publicly presented their SF-23 for the first time. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have high expectations for the SF-23 and aim to end Ferrari’s extended championship drought this year.


Ferrari showed promise in the initial rounds of the championship but was ultimately overshadowed by Red Bull and Max Verstappen, who dominated the season.

Ferrari’s challenges included reliability issues that hindered their success in Spain and Azerbaijan. Frederic Vasseur, the team’s boss, acknowledged the significance of reliability, stating,

Lacking reliability during the initial days would put a team on the back foot for the remainder of the event, as stated by team boss Frederic Vasseur.

Ferrari has successfully completed the required mileage on the dyno and is optimistic about its chances, but its actual performance will be gauged at the Bahrain International Circuit during pre-season testing that will be conducted later this week, as stated by Vasseur.

The official launch of the SF-23 challenger by Scuderia Ferrari has generated a lot of fervor. The team showcased the solutions they have introduced on the new car, which was driven at Fiorano, their home track.

The car was presented in its entirety, without any camouflage or hidden details, providing a genuine experience for fans. While the aesthetically pleasing design may be enticing for the Tifosi, fans are looking for a competitive Ferrari that can challenge the likes of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

Team principal Fred Vasseur has emphasized Ferrari’s commitment to winning both world titles and believes that the team has everything it needs to succeed. The upcoming pre-season testing at the Bahrain International Circuit will reveal how Ferrari’s SF-23 performs against their rivals.


Ferrari innovations scrutiny rivals Ferrari innovations scrutiny rivals Ferrari innovations scrutiny rivals