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F1 to introduce new, improved wet tyre for 2023 season



F1 wet tyre 2023

For the 2023 season, an improved wet weather tyre will be made available to Formula 1 teams and drivers. The previous specification of the tyre had received criticism from multiple drivers due to its tendency to generate excessive spray and inadequate water clearing abilities in rainy conditions.

Starting from the sixth round of the 2023 Formula 1 season at Imola, a new type of wet weather tire will be introduced by Pirelli.

This tire has been developed with the support of teams and has undergone successful testing. What sets this tire apart from the previous specification is that it doesn’t require pre-heating with blankets. Originally planned for 2024, the new tire was fast-tracked after dedicated testing sessions by several teams during the winter.

The wet weather and visibility have been a significant concern in recent years, particularly after the controversial 2021 Belgian GP.

Furthermore, the F1 Commission has confirmed that a new wet weather package project will be tested in the middle of the season.

This project involves fitting cars with wheel arches designed to reduce spray. Although the FIA has already conducted its own research, the teams have now been given permission to perform wind tunnel and CFD work to study the impact of these arches.

A technical directive is being prepared to allow teams to conduct this work outside the aerodynamic testing restriction limits and the cost cap. The FIA has expressed its gratitude for the teams’ offers of support for this project.


The FIA’s single-seater director, Nikolas Tombazis, has provided some insight into the project.

He noted that the goal is not to make the arches mandatory for every instance of rain, and that the project aims to minimize the effect of the arches on overall aerodynamics.

Simulations are being conducted to determine how the arches will affect spray and to establish the relative proportion of spray from the diffuser and tires. Once a solution is found, prototypes will be created and tested on cars to properly evaluate them.

Last week, Pirelli homologated six dry-weather compounds for the 2023 Formula One season, including the hardest C1 tire from the previous year, now called the C0, which could be used on high-energy circuits.

In addition, Formula One announced plans to introduce a new wet-weather compound and a “wet-weather package” that includes the use of wheel arches to reduce spray in wet conditions. Teams have offered their support for the package, and a technical directive will be issued to allow testing of the design outside of Aerodynamic Testing Restriction and cost-cap limits.

The F1 Commission has also approved an increase in the cost cap adjustment for events beyond 21 races on the calendar and provided greater flexibility to change components in parc ferme during sprint race weekends.

Additionally, there will be an unspecified relaxation of regulations governing radio messages, and there will be circuit changes in 2023, including redesigned aspects of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, resurfacing for the Azerbaijan and Miami Grands Prix, an increase in pitstop space at Zandvoort, and new paddock infrastructure for the Qatar Grand Prix.


Furthermore, the FIA has reviewed the DRS zones used in the 2022 season and made changes to facilitate overtaking or increase the challenge at five tracks.

The most significant change is the reintroduction of a fourth DRS zone for the Australian Grand Prix, which was scrapped last year due to safety concerns after several cars porpoised in the section of the track with faster and reprofiled turns 9 and 10 during practice.

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