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Leclerc’s Crucial Year in F1 2023



Leclerc Crucial F1 2023

Charles Leclerc faces a crucial year in his Formula 1 career as he enters his sixth season and fifth with Ferrari in 2023. After narrowly missing out on his maiden championship in the previous season, Leclerc is determined to go one step further this year, with speculation surrounding his future prospects adding to the pressure.

Moreover, Ferrari is undergoing a transitional phase, with Fred Vasseur taking over as team principal, replacing long-serving Mattia Binotto. While Ferrari started the last technical overhaul on a high note, they ended the season far behind the top spot. For Leclerc, 2023 is crucial as he had the potential to win the championship last year with his teammate struggling, but strategic errors, poor reliability, and lackluster development dashed his hopes.

This year, Ferrari aims to end its Formula 1 title drought, which has stretched to a 15th season. However, for Leclerc, it is equally significant from an individual standpoint. He is eager to become a title contender and achieve the success that has eluded him in the previous seasons. Failure to do so could make him disillusioned, and the team’s management change reflects the priority they have placed on keeping Leclerc content.

Vasseur has a positive relationship with Leclerc from their previous work in GP3 and F1, and he is likely to center his long-term project around Leclerc’s talents. Leclerc’s current contract expires at the end of 2024, and despite being only 25, he is likely to get a multi-year deal that will take him well into his 30s.

Leclerc’s raw pace is undeniable, with a leading tally of nine pole positions across 2022, and he has the potential to rack up similar accolades. Finishing runner-up in the standings in 2022 marked a career-best, but Leclerc won’t want to continually be referred to as the bridesmaid when he possesses the talent to win immediately. He should also be wary of being overshadowed by George Russell, who has joined a much more refined Mercedes operation.

Leclerc’s loyalty to Ferrari is unmatched, but he wants to see progress in every department before committing to the team he has devoted himself to since his childhood days in Monte Carlo. If a similar situation arises as last year, with Leclerc emerging as the leading driver at Ferrari, the team needs to demonstrate a readiness to support his individual aspirations.

Ferrari must discard the mistakes that have plagued the team for longer than Leclerc’s own involvement in the team. A supportive environment is necessary to nurture his talent and smooth out the rough edges. Ferrari’s new boss should follow the example of Mercedes and Red Bull, where difficult decisions are made, and full support is provided to their key men, granting them the platform to flourish on the track.


Ferrari’s success hinges on their ability to equip Leclerc with a high-performance car and a robust operational framework. If they fail to do so and repeat last season’s futile attempt to compete for the title, it could have dire consequences for the team. They risk both failing to achieve their goals and losing one of the fastest drivers in Formula One.

Leclerc Crucial F1 2023 Leclerc Crucial F1 2023 Leclerc Crucial F1 2023

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