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Doomed to Win – Ferrari’s Authentic Ambition for 2023 Season



Ferrari Victory SF-23

With the World Championship just two weeks away, Ferrari’s dossier indicates that a decisive turning point may be on the horizon with the involvement of Vasseur and SF-23.

With their new team principal, the Cavallino has raised high expectations as they aim to capture the championship title that has eluded them since 2007, following their return to competitiveness in 2022.

may sound cliché when it comes to Ferrari, but it has never been more fitting than in the 2023 season. The energy surrounding the Scuderia di Maranello is palpable and has not been felt in a long time. This is somewhat paradoxical given how the 2022 season ended with Red Bull and Max Verstappen dominating from mid-championship onwards.

Nevertheless, there is a great deal of enthusiasm, as was evident at the Valentine’s Day presentation, which featured a grandstand for fans to witness the first laps of the new SF-23 with drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. This “dynamic” presentation was a departure from the traditional “static” presentations of other teams, and it demonstrated the team’s enthusiasm and great desire for success.

This attitude is a stark contrast to the established tradition of digital or remote presentations, especially after the push of the pandemic. The unique presentation format caught everyone’s attention and is a sign of the team’s determination to succeed and bring smiles to the faces of their fans.

The need to win in 2023 is imperative for Ferrari, as the 2022 season exposed issues that can no longer be ignored. Despite the F1-75’s impressive speed and success with four wins and twelve poles, the World Championship remained out of reach due to reliability problems, mistakes in strategy on the pit wall, and errors by the drivers.

The top management at Ferrari thus made a decisive move and team principal Mattia Binotto, who had publicly acknowledged that the objective of returning to competitiveness had been achieved, resigned at the end of the season.


Managing director Benedetto Vigna emphasized that “the seconds are the first of the losers,” and that Ferrari’s goal is no longer just to reach the podium but to win races. Anything less than victory is now unacceptable for the Prancing Horse.

Fred Vasseur, an experienced racing professional from Alfa Romeo Sauber, has been brought in to give Ferrari the necessary acceleration towards their ultimate goal of winning the championship, a feat that has eluded them since Kimi Raikkonen’s victory in 2007.

Vasseur has already displayed a decisive attitude and has quickly integrated himself into the Ferrari team, fully understanding the high expectations placed on him. He is fully aware that his competitors, including Mercedes, will be working tirelessly to win, and that the 2023 season will not be easy.

Despite this, Vasseur is determined to follow in the footsteps of his compatriot Jean Todt, who led the team to numerous victories in the early 2000s with Michael Schumacher as the driver.

Vasseur stated that the team has two talented drivers who possess the necessary skills to achieve their goal, but it will require a constant effort to improve and maintain the right mindset in the face of tough competition.

One of the most delicate issues that Vasseur will need to manage is the hunger and ambition of the two drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

Leclerc finished behind Sainz in the 2021 standings, and in 2022, while returning to form, he faced some challenges due to the dynamics of internal competition with the Spaniard. The first potential issue, regarding who would take the first laps on the SF-23 at Fiorano, was resolved by Vasseur through a humorous “video-gag” where a coin was tossed, resulting in Sainz getting an extra lap.


Sainz used this opportunity to give the SF-23 an additional push and provide some feedback to the engineers, demonstrating that both drivers will try to outshine each other at every opportunity. The team has declared a pact of no number 1 driver, but rather support for the driver who is best placed in the championship standings from a certain point onwards. However, if both drivers have a similar score, it remains to be seen how this pact will be upheld.

The enthusiasm surrounding Ferrari’s 2023 season is justified by the initial images of the SF-23, which many observers believe retains the creativity and innovation of the successful F1-75.

The chassis makers, led by Enrico Cardile and David Sanchez, worked tirelessly to provide Leclerc and Sainz with a car that generates more vertical downforce, enabling it to stick to the track surface better without slipping and wearing out the tires during the middle of a race stint.

The engine makers, led by Enrico Gualtieri, focused on addressing the reliability issues with the power unit of the F1-75, which was powerful but fragile. With the regulatory freezing of the engines until 2026, the team’s objective was to not only have the power but also to manage it.

The resolution of these two technical issues will be crucial to the success of the upcoming season for the Cavallino. The skills of Leclerc and Sainz will also be a deciding factor.

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