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Verstappen Criticizes High Super Licence Fee



Verstappen Criticizes High Super Licence Fee

Max Verstappen has criticized the FIA for the high cost of the Super Licence fee that all F1 drivers are required to pay. The Super Licence is a permit issued by the FIA, with a base fee of €10,400, plus an additional €2,100 for every point scored during the previous season. The reigning world champion, Verstappen, was sent a massive invoice of €963,800 due to his impressive 2022 points haul that included 15 wins.

Verstappen called the sum “absurd” and suggested that it was not fair that F1 drivers had to pay so much. He also pointed out that this was not the case in other sports, and with more races being added to the F1 calendar, the fees are becoming increasingly expensive.

However, despite Verstappen’s concerns, the Super Licence fee won’t come out of his wallet, according to Red Bull motorsport boss Helmut Marko. The team will have to foot the bill as per their contract.

In addition to the Super Licence fee, the FIA has also collected its due from the ten teams that will be racing in the 2023 F1 World Championship. According to the 2023 FIA Sporting Regulations, all teams are required to pay a flat rate of $617,687, plus a fee per point scored during the previous season.

Title winners Red Bull were required to pay $7,411 per point scored, resulting in an invoice of $6,242,636 from the FIA. Meanwhile, Williams Racing, which only scored 8 points in 2022, will only need to pay $667,079 to race in 2023.

Altogether, the FIA has collected a handsome $26.7 million in entry fees from the teams and Super Licence fees from the drivers ahead of the start of the 2023 F1 season.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner joked about the cost of the FIA’s fees, saying that he had not realized how much the team would have to pay for the points, and that the bill was “incredible.” The FIA’s president, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, was present at the FIA Gala last December when Horner made his comments.

While the fees collected by the FIA may be substantial, it remains to be seen if they will affect the performance of the teams or the drivers during the 2023 F1 season.


Verstappen Super Licence Fee Verstappen Super Licence Fee

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