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Sainz Optimistic for Championship This Year After Struggles Last Season



Sainz Optimistic for Championship

Carlos Sainz has conceded that he was unprepared to contend for a championship last season due to his difficulties adapting to the 2022 Ferrari, but he is optimistic that he will be in a better position to challenge for the title this year.

While Sainz had a solid first year at Maranello, his second season was a little more challenging, with him finishing fifth in the drivers’ championship, only beating Lewis Hamilton when the Mercedes driver retired from the final race.

Despite winning his first Grand Prix in 2022, Sainz was overshadowed by his teammate Charles Leclerc, who finished second overall. However, the Spaniard points to his relatively successful year in a challenging season as evidence of his potential.

Sainz has been working diligently over the winter to ensure that he is prepared and confident heading into the new season. He is convinced that he can become an even better driver and is looking forward to what the future holds.

“Last season, although I did have some success, it wasn’t an easy season for me,” Sainz said. “I won a race, made several podium finishes, secured three pole positions, and all of this was achieved in a car that didn’t suit me well. However, I am confident that once I find my groove and achieve a comfortable driving position, I will be able to perform well.”

Sainz admits that he was not ready to compete for the title with last year’s car configuration, but he believes that he would have been if the championship had taken place with the 2021-style cars. However, he found himself in that position last year, and it is a common occurrence in the long career of a Formula 1 driver.

According to Sainz, he learned a lot from last year’s experience, including the difference between fighting at the front and fighting in the midfield.


He admits that the level of pushing, management, and tactics for winning races and securing pole positions are all different at the front, which he hadn’t experienced in eight or nine years since his World Series days. Sainz believes that this experience will benefit him greatly this year as he focuses on self-improvement, analysis, and incorporating his last year’s experience into this year’s performance.

Sainz recognizes that the only goal he can have at this point of the year is to challenge for the title, given the pace that Ferrari showed last season and the team’s expectations. He is focused on becoming the best driver and team on the grid, and he believes that this mindset is shared by the entire team.

Sainz stated that both he and the entire Ferrari team’s objective is to contend for and win the world championship. He believes that in order to become a world champion, it is necessary to be the best driver and the best team, and this is what he is focusing on in the short term. He is constantly analyzing what he and the team can do to improve and become the best driver and team on the grid.

Sainz has set his sights on executing his plans for the year and giving it his best shot. He is feeling more confident and capable after last year, better prepared, and knows what it takes to fight at the front.

He believes that staying true to his ambitions and short-term goals is critical once the season starts, and he is determined to achieve this while remaining loyal and fair to his team.

Sainz Optimistic for Championship Sainz Optimistic for Championship Sainz Optimistic for Championship



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