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Rumor – Mercedes W14 May Not Meet the Expectations of Hamilton



Mercedes W14 Expectations Hamilton

According to the British Formula One media, there are concerns that the new Mercedes W14 may not meet the speed expectations of Lewis Hamilton and his supporters when it debuts on the Sakhir track next Friday.

Moreover, the Brackley squad is currently dealing with a more critical issue. Reports indicate that the car has inherent problems that are adversely affecting its performance. Specifically, the team is confronting a suspension failure and tub flex, and they are scrambling to produce metallic suspension arms after discovering faults with the original carbon design.

The suspension malfunction is so severe that the wrap fix, which is typically utilized when carbon bodywork experiences cracks, is viewed as an excessively risky solution.

Although the carbon tub passed the FIA crash test, it has been discovered that it is flexing significantly more than the team had intended, rendering it more challenging to regulate the suspension setup and possibly causing more porpoising issues for the W14.

Mercedes understands that stiffening the tub is a relatively straightforward solution. Nevertheless, both the stiffened tub and the metallic suspension arms, which are now being utilized, will contribute considerably to the vehicle’s weight.

The new all-black livery of the W14 stunned Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, and Brackley fans at the launch. The irony, however, is that much of the exposed carbon on display is intended to reduce weight. The extra weight that will now be added to the car after the Silverstone filming day debacle will unquestionably hinder the car’s speed when it hits the track on Friday.

If Mercedes is slow in Bahrain next weekend, it will be because of worrying issues found with the new W14 discovered when testing/filming at Silverstone following their car launch.


The complexity of the modern cars makes it seem ludicrous that Formula One teams try to hide their performance and even components from their competitors in testing.

Last year, the F1 press was sure Mercedes were sandbagging in Bahrain when they repeatedly claimed they were suffering from significant porpoising and recorded times in the nether regions of the top 10.

But they weren’t sandbagging. The W13 was a disaster and the ‘worst car’ he’d ever driven, according to Lewis Hamilton.

During pre-season testing, F1 observers are typically quite curious and attempt to collect as much information as possible regarding new car components and their on-track performance, attracting speculation from conspiracy theorists.

Therefore, it is possible that the author of today’s Daily Express article is influencing the expectations of Mercedes supporters who may believe that the team is holding back during testing and will appear slower than anticipated in Bahrain in five days.

The complexity of modern Formula One cars makes it unlikely that teams can hide their performance or components from their competitors during testing.

It is more likely that Mercedes is facing significant issues with the new W14 car, including a suspension failure and tub flex. While the fixes are relatively simple, they will add significant weight to the car, making it slower on the track.


Therefore, if Mercedes is slow in Bahrain next weekend, it will be because of these worrying issues found during testing and filming at Silverstone.

Mercedes W14 Expectations Hamilton Mercedes W14 Expectations Hamilton Mercedes W14 Expectations Hamilton

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