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Ocon Reveals Viral Illness After Abu Dhabi GP



Ocon Reveals Viral Illness

Esteban Ocon, an Alpine F1 driver, has disclosed that he was struck by a viral illness following the final race of the 2022 season in Abu Dhabi.

During the launch of Alpine’s 2023 Formula 1 car in London, Ocon revealed that he was unable to train normally for several weeks after contracting the illness.

Despite his difficult recovery, he and his team worked together to regain his fitness level to the previous year. Ocon is set to test his health in pre-season testing, which begins next Thursday in Bahrain, where he will share the running with new teammate Pierre Gasly.

Ocon admitted that he was worried about his health during the illness, and his cardio decreased to the highest level at walking pace.

However, he praised his team for their guidance and support during his recovery. He added that he has higher data on most of his physical tests than he did in 2022, which is very reassuring. Ocon’s health is critical, as he is a significant member of the Alpine team, which will compete with McLaren and other teams for a spot in the constructors’ standings.

The outbreak of a viral illness has the potential to cause severe damage to the health and fitness of F1 drivers, who are required to be at their physical best to compete in the high-speed, high-stress environment of Formula 1.

The illness can also have long-term effects on the driver’s physical and mental health. As a result, many teams, including Alpine, take extensive precautions to keep their drivers healthy, including regular medical check-ups, nutrition plans, and workout routines.


The challenge of maintaining optimal health and fitness levels is especially crucial during the pre-season testing, which is a demanding and exhausting process that tests the limits of the drivers and the cars. For Ocon and Gasly, it will be a crucial time to familiarize themselves with the new car and work on their performance ahead of the upcoming season.

In conclusion, Ocon’s revelation about his illness highlights the critical importance of health and fitness for F1 drivers.

His and his team’s efforts to overcome the illness and regain his fitness level demonstrate the determination and resilience required to compete in Formula 1.

As the season approaches, the focus will be on Ocon and Alpine to continue their progress and compete at the highest level in one of the most competitive racing series in the world.

Ocon Reveals Viral Illness Ocon Reveals Viral Illness


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