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McLaren’s F1 2023 Performance May Frustrate Norris Despite Progress



McLaren s F1 2023 Performance

Lando Norris, the young Formula 1 driver for McLaren, may be in for a frustrating season in 2023 due to his team’s underwhelming performance. Despite making significant progress in the past few years.

McLaren has stumbled at the start of the 2022 regulations and looks vulnerable to falling behind other teams like Aston Martin.

While Norris remains ambitious and eager to win, he acknowledges the need for patience and recognizes that McLaren needs to build a team that can perform in every area to win world championships.

Norris signed a long-term contract with McLaren that runs until 2025, and he understands that the team has some infrastructure weaknesses that cannot be cured until a new windtunnel and simulator are phased in this season.

While the 2024 car is expected to benefit from these upgrades, the team is pinning its hopes on the 2025 car to compete with the likes of Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes. In the meantime, Norris has a new role to embrace as the most experienced driver in the team, which gives him more responsibility to lead and motivate his team.

Despite his patience and willingness to wait for 2025, Norris is still competitive and eager to win now. However, McLaren’s performance will determine his long-term future with the team.

If the team can produce a better car and keep developing, Norris is likely to stay and take a leading position in the team. But if the team fails to make significant progress, Norris may become frustrated and seek other opportunities.


In the end, McLaren needs to focus on doing a good job and developing a team that can compete with the best. Norris is ready to play a key role in that process, but it will take time and patience to build a winning team.


Lando Norris wants to see Daniel Ricciardo return to Formula 1

Lando Norris has expressed his desire to see his former teammate, Daniel Ricciardo, return to the F1 grid in the future.

After mutually agreeing to terminate his McLaren contract at the end of last season, Ricciardo is taking a sabbatical this year. The 33-year-old signed on as Red Bull’s Third Driver, which ensures he remains involved and prominent within the sport, keeping the door open to a potential return.

Norris worked alongside Ricciardo at McLaren, but their time together did not yield the results that anyone involved was hoping for. However, Norris still considers Ricciardo to be one of the best drivers in F1 and believes he would be a valuable addition to the grid.

Norris praised Ricciardo’s experience as a driver who has won races and achieved a lot in his career, which makes him highly rated among the drivers on the grid. He described Ricciardo as a talented driver who makes races exciting and is loved by everyone for many reasons.

Norris is keen to see Ricciardo return to the grid because he is a driver who can put on a good show and make the most of the car he is given.

Although Ricciardo’s time at McLaren did not live up to expectations, he remains a highly regarded driver who has achieved a lot in his career.


Norris believes that Ricciardo’s experience and talent would make him a valuable addition to any team on the grid, and he hopes to see him back on track soon.

McLaren’s F1 2023 Performance McLaren’s F1 2023 Performance


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