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Leclerc denies contract extension talks with Ferrari



Leclerc denies contract extension

Charles Leclerc has played down the idea that discussions have already commenced regarding a potential extension of his Formula 1 contract with Ferrari.

Despite having only one season of experience in F1, Charles Leclerc was promoted to the senior Ferrari team, and his impressive debut campaign led to him receiving a five-year extension at the end of the 2019 season.

As Charles Leclerc enters his fifth season with the Italian team, it’s worth noting that his current contract, as well as that of his Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz, is set to expire at the end of 2024.

Although there were speculations that talks about his long-term future in F1 may be underway following the arrival of former boss Fred Vasseur, Charles Leclerc has dismissed such claims. He maintains that he has not had any discussions about his future, despite his unwavering passion for Ferrari, the sport’s most decorated outfit.

Charles Leclerc has responded to Sky Sports F1 saying, “No, there are no talks ongoing now, at least.” He also expressed his love for Ferrari and the iconic red color associated with the team. Despite his happiness at Ferrari, Leclerc is unsure of what the future holds.

Charles Leclerc added that it’s still too early to discuss the matter in depth, saying, “It is very early to speak about this. My contract ends [at the end of 2024].” It seems that Leclerc prefers to focus on his current season with Ferrari rather than his future with the team.

Following his success last season, where he collected three race wins and finished a career-best second in the Drivers’ standings, Charles Leclerc has set a new goal for himself and his team. He wants to improve upon their previous performance and achieve even better results in the 2023 season.


Charles Leclerc has identified Lewis Hamilton as one of his main competitors for the championship in 2023, assuming that Mercedes recovers from its poor title defense in the previous season. He is also aware of the potential threat posed by Red Bull and the reigning champion, Max Verstappen, and is not discounting their chances of success. Leclerc is anticipating a tough competition from these top teams and drivers in the upcoming season.

Charles Leclerc believes that Lewis Hamilton will always be a strong contender for the championship, regardless of the car he drives. He acknowledges Hamilton’s previous achievements and his abilities as a driver. Leclerc thinks that it would be unwise to underestimate Hamilton, as he has proven time and time again that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Charles Leclerc is confident that Mercedes will be strong competitors in the upcoming season, based on their strong finish in the previous season. He also believes that Red Bull will continue to pose a threat, along with Max Verstappen as the reigning champion. Leclerc is aware that the competition will be tough, and he is preparing himself and his team to face the challenge.

Charles Leclerc had a fantastic start to the 2022 season, winning two out of the first three races. This performance allowed him to take a convincing lead in the championship and be considered an early favorite for the title.

Unfortunately for Charles Leclerc, his bid for the championship faded quickly due to a series of reliability issues that plagued his car. After his dominant start, he only managed to secure one more victory in Austria over the course of the remaining 19 rounds of the championship.

When asked about the efforts made by the Ferrari team in Maranello to address the reliability issues from last season, Charles Leclerc mentioned that a significant amount of work had been done. He refrained from providing too many details but confirmed that the team had put a lot of effort into improving the reliability of the car.

Charles Leclerc expressed his hope that they won’t encounter many reliability issues this season. He stated that after finishing second in both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ championships last year, the next logical step is to aim for victory. However, he acknowledges that winning will be a difficult task, but the team is putting in a lot of work to achieve their goal.


Leclerc is aware that the upcoming championship will be challenging, but he believes that the team will do everything within their power to succeed.


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Leclerc denies contract extension Leclerc denies contract extension