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Alonso Begins New Phase with Aston Martin



Alonso Begins New Phase with Aston Martin

Fernando Alonso, who has previously raced for prestigious teams such as Ferrari, McLaren, and Alpine, is set to begin a new phase of his Formula 1 career with Aston Martin in 2023. According to the Spaniard, this presents a distinct contrast to his prior experiences.

Fernando Alonso has acknowledged that his upcoming move to Aston Martin represents a “very different” experience compared to his past stints with other Formula 1 teams.

After spending two seasons at Alpine, Fernando Alonso has signed a multi-year contract with Aston Martin. The Spaniard has had a long and illustrious career in Formula 1, having previously raced for top teams like Ferrari and McLaren.

During the launch of Aston Martin’s 2023 car, Fernando Alonso was asked about his experience joining the British team and he acknowledged that changes in the sport have affected how teams now operate. He noted that this has contributed to differences compared to his past experiences with other teams.

Fernando Alonso mentioned to the media, including, that he believes Formula 1 has changed in recent years.

“Our ability to develop the car in numerous ways is limited due to the numerous regulations in place, resulting in a reduction of creativity.”

“The key to success lies in paying close attention to the details and ensuring high quality in every aspect of the car, which requires significant effort and hard work.”


Fernando Alonso expressed that due to the numerous regulations and restrictions in place, there is limited scope for teams to experiment and innovate with car development. This lack of freedom, in his view, has curtailed creativity in the sport.

Despite Aston Martin not boasting the same championship-winning history as some of Fernando Alonso’s former teams, he believes that the team is still filled with a great deal of confidence regarding their future prospects.


According to the two-time World Champion, “the individuals in this group possess a humble attitude and a strong desire to achieve success.”

“It’s possible that these individuals haven’t had frequent chances to compete for wins, championships, or top placements, but they still have confidence in their abilities. They possess a strong self-assurance and the belief that they can accomplish such feats, despite not having done so yet.”

“The current team’s dynamics are markedly different from those of the teams I’ve been on before. Unlike those teams, who may have been in a comfortable position due to past successes, this team is focused on achieving success in the present.”

“In my past experiences with teams, they were satisfied with achieving lower rankings, such as coming in fourth or fifth place, and they would still celebrate their performance, even if they ended up in seventh place.”

Alonso discusses demanding approach during Aston Martin AMR23 launch

During the launch of the new Aston Martin AMR23 car, Fernando Alonso, the team’s driver, discussed his demanding approach to everything he does. He explained that he always gives 100% and expects the same from the people he works with.

However, his obsession with being the best has caused frustration in the past and resulted in relationship breakdowns within teams. Last year, Alonso expressed his belief that he was performing at his best level since 2012, when he almost won the title in a sub-par Ferrari, but Alpine’s reliability issues prevented him from accumulating a significant amount of points.


Given his past experiences, it is no surprise that Alonso spoke positively about the reliability of the Aston Martin package, particularly its Mercedes engine, during his test day in Abu Dhabi at the end of last season.

Since then, he has fully immersed himself in the team’s activities, which have enjoyed significant investment from owner Lawrence Stroll, in a bid to create “one of the greatest Formula 1 teams.” Alonso believes that Stroll’s commitment and the resulting team culture aligns with his own demanding approach.

Alonso is pleased with his decision to join Aston Martin and is getting happier every day, despite the realization that time is not on his side to enjoy the success they are working towards. As part of Stroll’s five-year plan for Aston Martin to become a front-running team, the team is embracing Alonso’s demanding style to grow stronger.

Aston Martin has taken an aggressive approach to the design of the AMR23, and positive noises about its progress over the winter are encouraging. However, if things do not go to plan, and Alonso’s frustration grows, the team is already braced to tackle things head-on.

Mike Krack, the Aston Martin team principal, appreciates Alonso’s unfiltered, honest feedback, which he believes pushes the team forward.


Krack understands that if the car does not meet expectations, there will be difficult conversations. He believes that transparency and honesty are the best ways to move forward. Krack stated that they would not be able to hide in front of Fernando Alonso.

Alonso Begins Aston Martin

Alonso’s feedback has already impressed the team. He got a chance to work closely with the Aston Martin crew at Jerez earlier this month during a tire test. Performance director Tom McCullough said that Alonso was engaging, focused, and efficient in his communication. He is like an extra, experienced engineer and a fiercely competitive driver.

Alonso has shown his motivation and commitment to the team by spending four hours in the simulator on the day of the launch.

McCullough stated that Alonso was pushing the team hard and motivated to do well. Aston Martin is already buying into Alonso’s approach as a way to improve in the future, which ties into the five-year plan.


Alonso may not directly benefit from the team’s success, but he is willing to give his all to help make it happen. He said that he would be proud to be a part of the team’s first steps toward success, even if he is not driving when they start winning races and championships.

Alonso Begins Aston Martin Alonso Begins Aston Martin Alonso Begins Aston Martin Alonso Begins Aston Martin


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